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Aug 22, 2015
Hi @mkomaransky
I am more than happy to second your application for BU membership! We have good memories of Cumberland Mining's attendance at the first Satoshi's Vision conference held at San Francisco nearly 2 years ago, and appreciated your opinions in the BU slack for a long time.
Your application will be included in the vote which is scheduled for late-Sept/early-Oct.


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Aug 29, 2015
I appreciate being tagged to return to this thread.

Like many others, I watch and occasionally comment. Who I am is not important. What I stand for is.

I mined in 2013 and have stayed in touch with many of the early coders. Today I live a simple life and look forward to Bitcoin Cash flourishing.

BCH is Bitcoin. My legacy address is 1FagGBX4657vQ9w2f8fCLXyDdLNWQ71a9T

I will second this application.

Although the person wishes to remain anonymous, I have known them for several years, and it is someone doing good work to help make Bitcoin Cash a success.
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Mar 10, 2018
Hi prospective members!

To steal a bit from @AdrianX, I also really enjoyed the concept of asking new members some questions rather than just basic information about how long they are in Bitcoin and what job they have, etc.

My questions:

  1. We would love to see some examples of what you create or write. Do you have any links to projects, articles or Github, etc?
  2. What defines the Bitcoin protocol to you? Within what boundaries (even beyond the scope of the definitions within When does a protocol cease being Bitcoin?
  3. What is your personal mission in Bitcoin?
I think other members would also be interested in your responses too. Cheers & all the best.
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Aug 22, 2018
Miami, FL
I haven't written much on bitcoin. I spoke publicly once at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami in 2017 on the topic of OTC trading. I was not very interesting, and I haven't seen a video of the speech online since I made it. I spoke on the only bitcoin topic I have expertise in.

I like the Gavin Andresen proposal of Bitcoin's definition. "'Bitcoin' is the ledger of not-previously-spent, validly signed transactions contained in the chain of blocks that begins with the genesis block (hash 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f), follows the 21-million coin creation schedule, and has the most cumulative double-SHA256-proof-of-work." Pretty sure that BCH will hold that title one day. Then we can stop saying Bitcoin Cash, and just say Bitcoin.

My personal mission in Bitcoin has always been to replace fiat currency.


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Sep 3, 2018
I've finally gotten around to making an account in this forum and a post on this thread. I'm not sure what exactly is expected of me here, but I'll simply answer Reina's questions below.

1) I'm not too new to bitcoin, but at the same time I don't consider myself an "early adopter", so I haven't really done much to contribute. My only BCH related "app" is memo++, a browser extension for I've presented on Bitcoin and blockchains to local tech meetup groups in Singapore.

2) Bitcoin is simply using PoW to secure transactions in order to solve double-spending in a trustless manner. Other features important to me: 21 million coin limit, chain of signatures proving a coin's validity, cheap on chain transactions.

3) I would like to bring adoption to the masses. I would like to start by building apps that will be useful to the community.

Legacy Address: 1Cm25eFUNCXrFSHH1vqbXGYcsy9TZGyYGq
Twitter: @_xmodulus
Reddit: xmodulus
Memo: 1HezZbHLhd6fcKs1ytUxDjSF3mcUdHiUeL
Discord: modulus#1400


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Jan 2, 2016
Little sickpig, little sickpig, let me in. I want a membership tag on my chinny chin chin.

I've been fairly active recently in the Gold Collapsing thread, and may also be interested in occasionally contributing code to BU, so I think it might be nice to also have a vote on BU future.

i am also a miner, and sometimes use BU to mine with.

jATtoomDOTim email
Twitter(ugh): jtoomim

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Apr 25, 2018
I'd be grateful to be considered for membership. Below are some of my accounts. I have posted a gist to my Github account verifying this request.

In terms of community activity, I've been coauthor on several papers (Graphene, Bobtail, and Xim) that are relevant to Bitcoin Cash, and I also helped with the implementation of Graphene for Bitcoin Unlimited.

Based on the interactions I've had with Bitcoin Unlimited members to date, I believe I've found a group of like-minded individuals who want to improve the Bitcoin protocol and software. I would like to help in that effort, specifically in terms of security, scalability, and usability.

Some identifying information:
Academic page
Github account
Reddit account
BCH public key: qr3e9q9qxww9s3etgp7zfcj2jqp9zwzzfv49ln6mag


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Aug 22, 2015
Drawing a line here for new membership applications which will be considered in the forthcoming vote.
Further applications are welcome but will be part of the next vote, November/December 2018.

Applications which will be included in BUIP105 for vote on 5 October are:


Pending are:

@xmodulus (needing a seconder)

The BU voting system uses only legacy addresses at present, however, upgrading to also support CashAddr remains on the to-do list.

Prospective members, please note some useful information here which also applies for the upcoming vote.
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Aug 22, 2015
@xmodulus, You can still be added to the list as your application was before 21 September. You require a seconder, so I suggest pasting some links to prior on-line history to help with this.
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Jonathan Silverblood

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Nov 21, 2018

My name is Jonathan Silverblood. The sole purpose of this membership request is to gain access right to voting on the future of BU as I feel it's about time I moved from curious bystander to a somewhat more participatory role.

Some of you already know me, but for those who don't I will share some links to my contributions thus far:μwallet--a-serious-attempt-at-designing-a-user-friendly-wallet-fo-75caa4bc689e

I've also mined back in 2013~2015 and held weekly meetups in Gothenburg, Sweden for several years.

If you have questions, ask them.

Who I am on social media:

Note that once memo implements derived child keys, my identity on memo will likely change - I want to keep my private key private.