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@Christoph Bergmann
If you are writing about patents, maybe this dialog between Craig Stephen Wright (Satoshi?) and Adam Back could be relevant. They are not talking directly about patents, but they both controll lots of patents:

EDIT: They are talking about patents.
As the twitter account the chat talks about patents of Schnorr. This is something Adam Back promises on top of SegWit (I have no clue why SegWit is needed for this), but not SegWit itself.

I'm currently mostly interested if
1) SegWit has technology which could be patented by Blockstream, which leads to the question if Blockstream's patent strategy is really safe. And
2) if SegWit accidentlly (or not accidently) uses some old tech which is patented. AFAIK Cypherpunks had a lot of patents, and many of the cover digital payment systems.

I guess I'll never find answers to this questions, as I both lack knowledge about patent laws as about the technology to identify if some parts of SegWit are covered by some patents. I can neither confirm nor refuse any answer. Which means the only safe and trustless way was to never ever let new technology on my system. Which is also no solution ...


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Mar 14, 2016
I'm not very knowledgeable, but I don't see the patents as a problem: by being open source you can download and use it everywhere, even in the USA, I suppose?
And if github is unable to host patent-related algorithms the sources can be hosted elsewhere, for example in Europe where sw patents do not apply (yet).
Hm, that's like saying, a prohibition of Bitcoin is not a problem,or lawsuits are not a problem.

Sure, you can download, and users will not be affected. But what's with Coinbase? What's with companies serving US-customers?

I guess there is consensus that it would be a problem if parts of Bitcoin technology are patented. Question is if this could happen, and if you can write the patent in a way that it does no harm.


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Mar 14, 2016
You're right, USA companies like coinbase would have to pay the fees for the usage, but I think that if blockstream would try to enforce its patents it would destroy all its reputation and lose a lot of hard-core (pun not intented) supporters.
Also, a fork of Bitcoin with non-patented algorithms would pop-up in no time.
Don't know. It are snippets of a chat in core slack ... I slightly remember that Vlad Roberto, who acts as the voice of CSW, some month ago started to be intrigued by a connection between CSW and a poker / gaming mogul, and brought in that in the first version of Bitcoin there has been a decentralized poker inside ... the story gets really crazy and intriguing.


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Aug 28, 2015
LOL, look at Matt's body language at the end of that video, handling the mic.

Greg is also wrong on the notion that you can't just fork consensus rules, BU has done just what he claims is not possible, BU forked Core, follows consensus while not supporting the transaction limit rule he calls a consensus rule.

The real irony is Greg Maxwell is doing the exact thing he highlights with an asterisks - intentional blocking the removal of the transaction limit with the result it is empirical evidence of driving user-cases to altcoins.
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Aug 29, 2015
@awemany, Wow, what a crazy product! A $400 machine to squeeze the liquid out of a $7 pre-packaged bag that expires after a week.

Speaking of patents:
Separately, the company filed a complaint in federal court against a competing cold-press juicing device, the Froothie Juisir, for infringing their patent and copying Juicero's trade dress.

Juicero says that Juisir is infringing US Patent No. 9,493,298, which describes "Juicing systems and methods."


Mar 5, 2016


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Aug 19, 2015
@Zarathustra : What is the idea behind the fractal? Moving to the larger convergent area? The comparison has somewhat of a mismatch there - both the BU and BC areas are convergent in your picture.

@Zangelbert Bingledack : I must admit, I am also 'out of the loop' regarding stuff lately, simply avoiding all the drama. Is it correct that Samson Mow got a job at Blockstream as well, or did I misread some rumors?


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Nov 8, 2015
I'm torn even on the viability of the juicing craze in general, much less batshit crazy VC boondoggles like the Juicero.

I feel like there is much more of a sense in the popular culture that juicing is a scam, at least compared to the beliefs held in my parents' generation (even a no-BS badass oldschool guy like Jack LaLanne cashed in putting his name on juicing machines), but on the other side of the coin, I don't think it's possible to over-estimate the desire for people to find rationalizations to drink sugar without the fiber!