Gold collapsing. Bitcoin UP.


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Aug 19, 2015
Just to clarify since I posted the link here - I first saw reference to it on Reddit (17 min after it was first posted - I tend to remember small details like that). When I visited the 8btc forum, I just quickly copied the URL and pasted it here and then went to sleep. I should have clarified where I got it at the time of posting the link; I apologize for that oversight. Accordingly, questioning the reliability and authenticity of the OP in that thread is totally fair game.
We have Jihan now basically stating a variant of 'I neither confirm nor deny', so I think we do have that info now, as far as we're going to get it at this point in time.

And his 90% on 8btc being o.k. with that proposal is a small wink as well. I just hope he follows through with something like that, because Core definitely need to be taken far away from the steering wheel of Bitcoin.
Never ever in my whole live I expected to read something like this and say: ok, might be true

Edit: for clearity, I mean Jihan's comment:

" Freedom of speech let China community reach consensus much more easily, without the difficulty experienced in English."

China, land of the free :)


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Aug 26, 2015
i like this:

What is the likelihood that digital currencies and platforms will disrupt banking and payments in the next three years?*

[doublepost=1467311311][/doublepost]that 72% awareness in China must be considered by the miners.
[doublepost=1467311364][/doublepost]The evolution of digital currencies is part of the innovation and disruption driven by the tech industry. The arrival of bitcoin acceptance in all continents and increasing interest in adopting the blockchain ledger, across a number of applications including digital currencies, are creating global opportunities to redefine how people and businesses do transactions.


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Aug 28, 2015
LOL - this was top post of the Terminator thread in /r/Bitcoin before it was [removed]

Update: So funny, the thread is accumulating more [removed] comments. Never go full censorship.

The sad thing is if you are the author you don't even know it's been removed (I bet he still sees it) and as a newcomer you don't know any better.

It's only here in the free world where evidence of the censorship exists. and even now a growing number of reactionaries don't get how censorship is affecting this debate. Some users are reacting to posts about censorship as a problem as opposed to reacting to the censorship as the cause of the problem.

My advice to them is self-moderation don't click, indulge and comment, just skim the headline and move on or take action to fix the root cause of the problem.


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Feb 22, 2016
that 72% awareness in China must be considered by the miners.
It's highly interesting, that China leads in this survey. Very, very interesting. Maybe it's not just the cheap energy that gave us so many Chinese miners...
Russia wants to be the "leader in Blockchain" (while banning Bitcoin..), Hitlary Clinton wants to support "Blockchain" and China wants to give legal certainty to Bitcoin owners.
Governmental FOMO?

@Norway Fucking hilarious! :D Did you post it to reddit? And maybe someone can post it on 8btc?


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Aug 26, 2015

"Governmental FOMO?"

this is a dynamic i've always claimed would pan out since the beginning; there's just too much to lose today by gvts refusing to participate. everything is maxed out and over indebted. we have negative interest rates. adopting a new digital financial system that rides the internet can save countries. FOMO for sure.


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Aug 28, 2015
why would those douchheads take down/censor an article like this?:

If EU Collapses, May Bitcoin Become Europe’s Common Currency?
[doublepost=1467299740][/doublepost]maybe it shows just how anti-Bitcoin the small blockists have become. they desperately want offchain solns so their native fiat currencies don't get killed?
I don't think they actually want "people" using bitcoin they want "people" using their off chain solution and calling it bitcoin.

The reason i suspect it was censored is because they are not ready with their for profit solution.


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Dec 16, 2015
Ok, as an exercise in media competency, I'm going to present to you an example of a hard-failing meme.

If we look closer, we can see this meme fails so hard because of these shortcomings:
[ X ]  wall of text
[ X ]  obvious misquoting is obvious
[ X ]  lack of funny
[ X ]  bad graphical composition
        (incl. annoying alternation of colored text)
[ X ]  blaspheming Bitcoin Jesus
[ X ]  buried in mindless pokertravis thread
[ X ]  not observing Golden Ratio
OT serious: I googled "Why memes fail" and there was nothing relevant on the front page of the search results. Huh? I expected to find several PhD theses, and perhaps a course or two at T***p University.
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Aug 28, 2015
Haha, that's ... classic!
/r/Bitcoin mods, please seek a local burn unit.
I'm liking this Jihan Wu :), he's definitely bucking the trend of being a follower, and expressing the ability of being a creative independent thinker. This series of tweets is among my favorite in this last year of debate. Core expressly choosing to live in there buble.
The dipshits are suspiciously silent today...

@Norway Maybe your meme factory can work with that too:

Oh no, and .... it's gone,

following Spamson Mao mother insulting style :( I support the sentiment just not the delivery.
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