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Aug 28, 2015
Do any of you know the people behind adopt-a-node?

I adopted a node (I named it ByeByeCore :) ) but it does not show up. I get this message: "You haven't adopted any nodes yet", and they don't respond to my emails.


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Sep 29, 2015
@lunar It's a cluster fork indeed. My take on reddit:

@awemany Spot on, UTXO is people (or, proportional to people.)

@majamalu I adopted a node for 6 months (should have adopted 6 nodes for 1 month). Had some delay after Bitpay confirmed to I got the IP address, a few hours. Never had the message "You haven't adopted any nodes yet" in the process. @Peter R has contact with the developer. AND: I have to get a cooler name for my BU node than "Norway", inspired by you. I'll think of something. The name can be changed through their interface.
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Peter R

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Aug 28, 2015
@majamalu: it appears there was a bug in the adopt-a-node site where if a transaction was initially marked as invalid by BitPay (e.g., because it took too long to confirm) but then later confirmed, the adopt-a-node site wouldn't get the notice. Sina has manually provisioned your node and is working to correct this problem-that-would-not-be-a-problem-if-blocks-weren't-full problem.

Sorry about the troubles!


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Aug 28, 2015
Numbers seems to be growing by the day, as more people actually read and understand the prolific work he's published.

Definitely a very red pill/ blue pill type personality, and much of what's said, needs to be parsed through several translators to make much sense. @Zangelbert Bingledack is doing an amazing job.

DYOR, but if you've understood how the propaganda has affected the debate so far, it's not entirely unreasonable to ignore all of the personality smearing, and judge the ideas not the man.


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Aug 28, 2015
@bitsko no problem, I just signed up again.

Wow! This is confusing. I'm fairly sure I was booted from BtcChat which now seems to have been renamed btcchat-slack and is part of Bitcoin Discussion. So far I have bitcoinunlimited, BTC Forks and Bitcoin Discussion. Any more I should know about?

edit2 Looks like BtcChat has turned into Bitcoin! I now have bitcoinunlimited, BTC Forks , Bitcoin Discussion and Bitcoin slacks.
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Aug 28, 2015
'Bitcoin Cash'
I like it on many levels. First it's Cash.

Bitcoin Digital Cash or BDC would be my first choice. Maybe the ISO symbol will be XDC

I was wondering what would attract users and I think Cash will do it.

Second I like it's option C we'll have bitcoin forks -A -B -C

Well done to all those involved.
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Mar 13, 2016
hi, i've been away from the bitcoin scene for a while now... but it seems bitcoin news can no longer be ignored.

do i have the story straight?

- segwit2x has a lot of support by miners and most of the community at large, minus the die hard groups.

- Bitcoin Unlimited, does not support or plan on supporting segwit2x ( because of the segwit part ), instead they are strongly considering a UAHF aug 1st.

- Bitcoin Core, does not support or plan on supporting segwit2x, (because of the 2x part), instead they are strongly considering a UASF aug 1st.

-segwit2x is set to activate before aug 1st, so long as it mantines 80% hashing power ( which seems likly since ~87% are "signaling intent" right now )

- in all likelihood the segwit2x fork will be recognized as BTC, but we WILL have 2 other chain splits, one backed by BU, one backed by core.

is this mostly right? comments? thanks.