Website is poorly designed

Hallo, some thoughts about the website. I hope I'm on the newest version.

The Satoshi Nakamoto quotes
- they are all about increasing the block size. Bitcoin Unlimited is imho more about giving the user a choice.
- the comment on the right - "it could be phased in, like ..." is irritating, cause Bitcoin Unlimited don't phases in what Satoshi proposed, but has it's own (and I think better) implementation.

I would use this space to present things like
- freedom to choice
- emergent consens about rules
- no artificial limit to growth

Maybe it's possible to do it in some way like
- unlimited choice
- unlimited emergent consens
- unlimited growth
to fight bad assiociations like "unlimited blocksize".

Most to the point is this quote:

"The Only Bitcoin Client That Gives You Complete Freedom!"

--> this should be presented more prominently. I think it deserves to be on top, in the picture.

"Vires in numeris", it's nice, but I don't think a quote in latin is a good start for every user.

Why is a user pictogrammed as a diamond and not as a user / people?

The long text above has some words that are unnecessary, it can be written stronger, more directly. I'm a german writer, so I'm far from perfect with english and make a lot of mistakes when I write english. But I'm capable of making texts stronger even in english. Also the other texts need some micromanagement.

If I find time I will work over the text (without changing any message at all).

If you are interested I could work over the website and messages and give you some proposals how I think it would be made stronger.

A translation into chinese would be great. Maybe we crowfund it? I know a chinese bitcoiner, but we haven't been in touch for quiet some time. Maybe he would help, if he gets payed.

Disclaimer: I'm the editor of, a blog that has I think has a very prominent role in german bitcoin discussion and a lot of readers. Since the blog is deeply affiliated and sponsored with I have to stay balanced on the whole blocksize-issue (in reality I'm often not, but I try). But that is no reason to help you with what I can since I think BU can be the final solution to the scalability problem.


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Dec 16, 2015
> Vires in numeris

This should definitely have a translation into whatever language your currently using to view the site.