Gold collapsing. Bitcoin UP.


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Jan 15, 2016
@Norway I guess they might get a takedown, but the defamation is really directed at bitcoin reddit users using the advert you got.

If anyone wanted confirmation how vicious and unscrupulous the small blockists are, this is it. They will clearly stop at nothing.


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Oct 10, 2015
Not the first time, and brg444 knew this was coming for weeks. JVP has big shoulders and walks quietly with a big hat.

Won't discuss things sensibly, will only troll as the paid Blockstream dipshit he is.

The link BRG posted was a writing by JVP that was done semi privately that some dipshit "whistleblower" posted on Reddit and wont man up to it, even though it could have only been 20 some people.


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Feb 22, 2016
Holy fuck what is going on.. :D

@Norway I stumbled upon this silll) article today somewhere. I'm really confused who made this and why.
And who is the reddit user? Is this some kind of "generic reddit with some history user" account you can buy somewhere? The user content is completely generic and un-bitcoiny.

And wtf, Greg Maxwell tells people, CSW is handing out information discrediting him?

wtf... Someone is having fun these days..

Btw, one aspect why you would fake being Satoshi: If you can convince enough people to take bets you can make an assload of money..


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Sep 29, 2015
Can you remember where you stumbled upon the article?
EDIT: And I did also get the impression that it was a harvested user account. A cat pic, a funny movie, holliday-stuff.


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Dec 16, 2015
I stumbled on it on a Reddit article first. 98% sure I came across it on /r/btc, but can't exclude seeing it on the other big one too. The title had "arrest" in it.

I thought it was hokum, so I looked, and there were a few comments pointing out that the entire claim was unconfirmed by PD, that the site appeared fake/malicious, and that it had red rating on WOT or some similar ranking system.

I checked and reported it to the admins as a link to a malicious site.
Can't find it now, so I guess they removed it pretty quickly.

I didn't think much about it at the time, just "another fake article about Wright".

The targeted ad takes it to the next level though.
Is that's something that reddit should be interested in perhaps?

I think it will be just as impossible to track down the real account holder, if they've been careful, but I don't know if Reddit ads can be paid for anonymously...
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Peter R

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Aug 28, 2015
from the paper:

We denote by γ the ratio of honest miners that choose to mine on the pool’s block

why would any honest miners decide to mine on the pool's (SM's) block? by defn, the SM has to "listen" for a public block announcement meaning that the public block has already been released and is actively propagating across the network (and probably via the relay network). the SM has to then "react" by pushing his block to try and achieve a 50:50 network distribution btwn 2 separate chains that will be sustained for at least 10 min. i don't think that's possible given the propagation lead the public chain has. furthermore, to achieve a 50:50 network split, you could imagine that the honest and SM attacker would have to be exactly on opposite ends of the planet to achieve this. what's the likelihood of that?
What I think you're missing is that selfish mining is still profitable (in certain cases) even if the selfish miner loses all of the block races. The selfish miner does not need to achieve a 50:50 split (γ = 0.5); even if he loses all races (γ = 0) the attack works so long as the attacker controls over 33.3% (α = 1/3) of the network hash power. Eyal and Sirer illustrate this in Fig. 3:

That being said, I agree with you that selfish mining is not a serious threat (for the reasons you and I have already mentioned).
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Aug 19, 2015
If this guy is shown to be fake - and you know, you can't prove a negative, but if it seams beyond reasonable doubt he is not satoshi (and this post is fairly persuasive then that is so sad.

An important debate that has been going on since Satoshi's first announcement really with the first post stating it won't scale, might have now been decided solely by some conman (if it is shown so). The agreement was breached, almost everyone attended the Consensus conference. It was the biggest event in Bitcoin's history by the level of speakers etc, so much exciting stuff was likely to come from it, and did come from it, but we instead were all talking about this guy.

Whatever, miner's decision I guess. Bitcoin will still work, it's not like it will break down. Maybe it will walk now, instead of run, but whatever. The picture is far bigger now. Blockchain tech is super hot, Ethereum is finding some corporate acceptance, then there is hyperledger and whatever Corda may do in regards to banks as well as ChinaLedger which this guy overshadowed.

A lot of exciting things are going on, with bitcoin now just one of potential winners of what I like to call the greatest race, certainly of the decade, but maybe century.


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Dec 16, 2015
I think that through this event, a little window has opened into the origins of Bitcoin.

And the more I hear about it, the more it seems to contradict the other theory I heard that Bitcoin is the runaway child of some NSA researchers. Who knows, perhaps it was a hybrid.

The outcome of this drama *will* make and break some reputations, that cannot be avoided now. But we are all learning from it. I find that extremely exciting, and the publicity is not necessarily bad for Bitcoin.

If CSW is part of Satoshi and can prove it, Bitcoin has a chance to leave its myth of creation behind and grow beyond it.

If it's conclusively disproven that he is, well, then the mystery of the real Satoshi lingers on, and a lot more questions are raised.

If anything happens to him (e.g. locked away as some false rumors would make believe), this could amplify the whole debate and launch it into the public spotlight in ways we may not imagine.
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Aug 28, 2015
If CSW is part of Satoshi and can prove it, Bitcoin has a chance to leave it myth of creation behind and grow beyond it.

I think the only way we get beyond the Satoshi stuff is if someone proves control of ~1M BTC. That's the only reason any of this matters at all. The search for Satoshi would just be an irrelevant indulgence for people if not for the issue of who controls the coins, and how that may affect the market.

Best outcome for the coins: they get burnt (in a single tx) to something like: 1raiseTheLimitALready... :)

Worst outcome: A single entity with potential incentive to dump many of the coins is shown to control them.

Unfortunately I think Craig Wright being shown to control them is closer to the latter outcome: at minimum, he's clearly a loose cannon with tax troubles. Not good.