BUIP161: Bitcoin Unlimited Website Refresh


Aug 17, 2016
BUIP161: Bitcoin Unlimited Website Refresh
Submitted on 2nd December 2020 by singularity

Bitcoin Unlimited is one of the oldest organisations in the cryptocurrency industry, and certainly the oldest in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Unfortunately the Bitcoin Unlimited website is showing its age. A lot of the information is now out of date, no longer relevant, or could be organised and presented in a more effective way.

Bitcoin Unlimited as an organisation also went through a successful rebrand over the past year, but the website was not included in this process.

It is time to rebuild and refresh the Bitcoin Unlimited website found at bitcoinunlimited.info to be more effective in achieving BU's goals.

Redesign and rebuild the official Bitcoin Unlimited website to align with specific goals. These goals for the website are to be:
  • an effective communication channel between Bitcoin Unlimited and the BCH ecosystem.
    • A location to find out about and download Bitcoin Unlimited software.
    • A location to find out about Bitcoin Unlimited engineering research.
    • A blog to host important content and announcements.
    • A location to learn about how to donate to Bitcoin Unlimited and how funds are used.
    • A location to learn about previous and upcoming BU hosted events.
  • a key information source for the BCH developer community.
    • Help developers new to BCH on-ramp into the ecosystem.
    • Provide key resources for existing BCH developers.
  • an effective communication system to the Bitcoin Unlimited membership.
    • Integrate BU’s new voting tool, VotePeer, into the website for hosting trustless votes between the membership.
    • Provide a repository for BUIPs and their status.
  • easy to keep up-to-date.
    • Using modern web tools to make the site easy to manage and update.
  • a design inline with the branding guidelines created for BU in early 2020.
  • Completed by the end of March 2021.

Because of the quantity, quality and importance of the information that needs to be provided on the Bitcoin Unlimited website, it is important that the website design takes a holistic approach. This is to make sure the information is highly accessible and digestible.

  • A detailed project specification.
  • A complete website design.
  • The website code and other assets, hosted by the BU org on gitlab.
Budget: $12,000. This will go towards research, design, development and management of this project to build a website that achieves the goals detailed above.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer, will jointly agree expenditures for this project.

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Expected Impact
By better communicating the excellent work that BU does within the ecosystem through the use of visually rich, digestible and branded messaging, BU will become an even more capable leader for the BCH ecosystem. It will allow BU to communicate complex but crucial subjects more effectively while reaching a wider audience. This BUIP will encourage further engagement and participation of not only the BU membership but also the wider BCH community in BU, which will offer significant advantages over the long-term.
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