BUIP160: BCH Developer On-ramp System


Aug 17, 2016
BUIP160: BCH Developer On-ramp System
Submitted on 2nd December 2020 by singularity

Bitcoin Cash is the best chance that humanity has right now of spreading economic freedom around the world. Governments around the globe are throwing away people’s personal freedoms quicker than people are even able to realise. We have to up our game!

Through years of poor leadership by BitcoinABC, BCH has unfortunately shed hundreds of extremely talented developers. Fortunately, through a huge amount of hard work, the BCH ecosystem has managed to rescue the system.

It is now time to undo this damage and rapidly pull in as many developers into BCH as possible. BUIP153 has started the work on achieving this, but one of the things that has become apparent while working on this project has been the barriers to entry for developers new to BCH. Inline with one of the major goals of BUIPXXX, BU is in a uniquely strong position to provide a system for on-ramping new developers into the BCH ecosystem. BU has used its resources numerous times for this in the past, including the many conferences it has hosted, and the work it has funded on the BCH specification.

Create the foundations of a highly streamlined system to on-ramp new developers into developing on Bitcoin Cash.

A group of key BU developers will be brought together to provide input and guidance on the tools and information required to create such a system. Research will be done into the kinds of educational content required for this on-ramp. Any infrastructure required (e.g. testnet coin faucets, documentation, APIs etc.) will then be specified and built. Bounties will then be put up for the creation of the required educational content (webinars, guides etc.).

This work will then hopefully provide the foundation of a Bitcoin Cash Academy, which could even potentially become a source of revenue for Bitcoin Unlimited in the future (This further work would come at later stages though and would require further BUIPs).

  • Organised committee of accomplished BU developers to guide the project.
  • A new section of the Bitcoin Unlimited website that acts as the location for this new on-ramp system.
  • Educational content to support developers new to BCH.
Budget: $27,000 over a three-month period commencing from the date of vote. This funding will go towards researching and developing any infrastructure needed and providing bounties to those that create the educational content required for these on-ramps.

$5,000 to go towards the BU committee for their time for 3 months.
$5,000 to go towards 3 months project management.
$15,000 to go towards the bounties for the content creation and on-ramping tools.
$2,000 to go towards the costs of developing the new sections of the BU website to host these tools and content.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer will jointly agree expenditures for this project.

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Expected Impact
By better communicating the excellent work that BU does within the ecosystem through the use of visually rich, digestible and branded messaging, BU will become an even more capable leader for the BCH ecosystem. It will allow BU to communicate complex but crucial subjects more effectively while reaching a wider audience. This BUIP will encourage further engagement and participation of not only the BU membership but also the wider BCH community in BU, which will offer significant advantages over the long-term.
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