Bitcoin Unlimited Launches New BUIP Digital-Signature-Based Voting System


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Aug 22, 2015
11 May 2017 -- Bitcoin Unlimited is pleased to announce the launch of its automated voting system, which will help to streamline the Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposal (BUIP) process.

The creator of the system, Bitcoin Unlimited member "awemany," said that he wanted to "structure the BUIP process in a more efficient way and make the voting process and vote counting transparent, as it should be for any open-source organization."

The new voting system allows BU members to upload and publish proposals, and--when voting sessions are active--submit their digitally-signed ballots. The system then verifies the digital signatures, tabulates the results, and determines if quorum is met for each proposal. The signed ballots are also made available for auditing purposes.

Bitcoin Unlimited President Andrew Clifford remarked that "the new voting system is an exciting complement to BU's new website. I look forward to using it for the upcoming vote May 29 - June 2, 2017." Peter Rizun, Chief Scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited quoted, "the same digital signature technology that prevents your bitcoins from being stolen can be used for other useful purposes--this new voting system being a great example."

BU members who do not yet have a signing address on file (members can check by clicking on their names here should post their signing address as soon as possible in here.

The voting site, which can be viewed by the general public, is reachable at:

To view the source code, go to:

For further information email