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Aug 22, 2015
Announcing Bitcoin Unlimited General Release 1.0.0

Network Upgrade Version for On-chain Scaling

The third official BU client release reflects our opinion that Bitcoin full-node software has reached a milestone of functionality, stability and scalability. Hence, completion of the alpha/beta phase throughout 2009-16 can be marked in our release version.

The most important feature of BU's first general release is functionality to restore market dynamics at the discretion of the full-node network. Activation will result in eliminating the artificial full-blocks handicap, restoring a healthy fee-market, allow reliable confirmation times, fair user fees, and re-igniting stalled network effect growth.

Bitcoin Unlimited open-source version 1.0.0 highlights are:

BU v0.12.1 revised with selected open-source Bitcoin Core v0.13.x code-base changes,
plus further enhancements:

Emergent Consensus (EC) improvements
  • Mitigation of theoretical attack vectors on EC
  • Include signature operation accurate counting within EC for blocks >1MB

Wide-spectrum Anti-DoS improvements

  • Screening peers for heavy hitters and excessive INV traffic for eviction

Request Manager extensions

  • Initial Block Download integration

Orphan Pool transaction management improvements
  • Consistent eviction and streamlined erasing
  • Mitigate theoretical attack vectors

Xthin block propagation optimizations
  • General optimizations determined from many months of live traffic achieving some node statistics with zero missing transactions in a 24-hour period

Command Tweaks
  • Unified facility to manage configuration and command-line parameters with same name. For example, managing connections:
    "net.maxConnections": 125, "net.maxOutboundConnections": 8,

Maintenance and Fixes
  • A variety of fixes and small changes for clean-up and stability across multiple OS
  • Deterministic build for ARM architecture
  • Ubuntu PPA Bitcoin Unlimited repositories updated

Previously disabled in version 0.12.0:
  • Replace-by-Fee [commented out]
  • Alert Key [commented out]
-:- -:- -:-

Acknowledgements with special thanks for coding and testing:

Amaury (deadalnix ) Sèchet
Tom (dgenr8) Harding
Jerry (digitsu) Chan
Peter (ptschip) Tschipper
Andrea (sickpig) Suisani
Andrew (theZerg) Stone

Download location:


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Aug 22, 2015
Yes, I believe so but I'll just invite @sickpig to confirm.

Everyone loves crazy handles :)


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Feb 22, 2016
It's not the handle, I remember the guy as a very aggressive* pro-core small blocker.

* Not in terms of insulting or anything, but very firm in his 1 MB anti-HF stance..
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Thank you for the release notes and thank you for the work everybody put into this release. I think the sheere number of features and participants is a clear proof that Bitcoin Unlimited gets traction.

I wished however the release notes would be more detailled. I understand that due to this being a volontary, after-work project of people all over the world this can be somehow hard, but I'd suggest to asnwer some questions and update the notes. I'm also aware that it is not easy to put technical topics and decisions in clear words, so if this is the obstacle I recommened you to just chat with me and let me help find understandable explanations.

BU v0.12.1 revised with selected open-source Bitcoin Core v0.13.x code-base changes
Which changes? In some cases - why did you refuse some changes?

Mitigation of theoretical attack vectors on EC
Which attacks, which changes? I guess this is the "sticky gate" thing. A link at least would be helpful, a compact explanation better.

Include signature operation accurate counting within EC for blocks >1MB
This is the SigOp story, right? As this is consensus critical and should be from crucial interest for other Bitcoin implementations to keep consensus with BU, I wished there have been more information in the release notes.

For the other parts there remain some minor question, but imho it would be a wise step to answer these questions. Must not be now, maybe next week, but it should be so. I also recommened to piut the final release notes on GitHub and on the BU website.

Have a nice weekend!


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Aug 28, 2015
Ubuntu PPA Bitcoin Unlimited repositories updated!

If you've installed BU via PPA in the past just update the package, if you are installing for the first time just execute these commands:

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin-unlimited/bu-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bitcoind bitcoin-qt

As a side note I'm working on a change log/release note files and I'll add to it all BUIPs included in the new release.


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Aug 28, 2015


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Nov 22, 2015
If you want to make it easier to install BU nodes so there will be more of them you could update the "Quick Installation Guide" on the download page so it uses the correct file name and folder name.