ZOLD, an experimental non-Blockchain cryptocurrency for fast micropayments


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Apr 6, 2019
Zold is an experimental non-Blockchain cryptocurrency for fast micropayments. It was invented and implemented by Zerocracy in order to bootstrap the revolution of management in software development (this blog post explains better). The cryptocurrency is in LIVE mode at the moment (there is no "test net"). The first transaction has been sent on the 27th of May, 2018. It is written entirely in Ruby at the moment. Alternative implementations are welcome, the RESTful HTTP-based protocol is open and documented.

Most important principles of Zold (read the White Paper for more details):

* No Blockchain
* No general ledger
* Proof of Work
* Lightweight nodes (possible to run even on a mobile phone)
* Detached offline payment processing
* Centralized root wallet
* Taxes instead of transaction fees
* Zero-trust nodes
* Full anonymity (no tracking of IP addresses)
* Pre-mined with 2 billion total capacity
* Master and edge nodes

To get a wallet online and start receiving and sending ZLD payments, go here.

To host a node and earn hosting bonuses (in lieu of "mining"), read this manual. ATTENTION: Only Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac machines are supported, Windows doesn't work at the moment.

Read the White Paper to understand the technology (there is no blockchain!).
There is also Green Paper if you want to skip technical details.

It is not traded in any exchanges, as of yet. The rate is defined by Zerocracy and is 0.00026 BTC at the moment.

The architect: @yegor256

We need your contribution:

* Multi-language SDK implementations: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Go, etc.
* Extend the network by new nodes: /health
* Invest into us, here is the investment offer
* Donate to the project by buying ZLD coins, read instructions
* List ZLD in your exchange (we will help with integration)
* Test our software and report bugs to this GitHub repo

Important links:

* Website
* GitHub
* Telegram
* Our blog
* Twitter
* Facebook

Contact us: team@zold.io