Zarfunds Token Airdrop

Samuel Fuku

New Member
Aug 2, 2018
⏰ EXCLUSIVE Zarfunds Token (ZFT) AIRDROP ⏰
Decentralized funding platform
300 ZFT [$30] per claim + 50 ZFT [$5] per referral
Go to airdrop:
Estimated Value: ~$30 + $5 per ref
Max. Participants: 50,000
Now funding becomes predictable, transparent and independent from centralized platforms that mean decentralized.
Zarfunds Token uses Ethereum platform, which executes a decentralized application for crypto-funding. This brings funding up to the whole new level.
Zarfunds Token is a digital cryptocurrency to empower and support its platform. At some point in time, Zarfunds Token plans to be listed in different exchanges with options to swap with various other cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple.