Zapit - Blockchain verified Amazon product reviews platform


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Jan 12, 2018
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What is zapit?

Zapit is a blockchain based application which reviews products. Currently, it is solely enabled for Amazon products. However, later its horizon is set to widen to include more online marketplaces. Amazon products can be reviewed on the Zapit website, or by installing Zapit plug-in for different browsers. The user can view reviews of the Amazon product he or she is viewing in the browser itself. Also, using the plug-in, users can post a review of the Amazon product they have used already. Zapit pays users for each review published.

How does zapit work?

Zapit’s blockchain-verified product review platform can be accessed in two different ways:

1. Zapit Website

2. Zapit Browser Plug-ins

Smart Contract Terms

· 10,000,000 tokens will be used for Marketing

· 15,000,000 tokens are reserved for Development Team

· 15,000,000 tokens are reserved for the Core Team

Token Sale Terms

• Total offering: 100,000,000 Zapit Tokens

• Private Sale - 10,000,000 Zapit Tokens (100% Bonus)

• Public Sale - 40,000,000 Zapit Tokens (50% Bonus)

• Advisors & Communities - 10,000,000 Zapit Tokens

• Core Team + Ongoing Development - 40,000,000 Zapit Tokens


Zapit strives to ensure that consumers get legitimate reviews that can help them make informed decisions while protecting sellers from competitor’s negative campaigns. Sellers can now start earning the trust of their valuable customers. By contributing, ITO participants are joining the revolution to eradicate spam product reviews.

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