Your Chat Is Being Monitored


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Jul 19, 2019
According to the Washington Post, Brennan Center for Justice, a non-profit organization focused on criminal justice, said hundreds of local police departments across the United States spent about $4.75 million on software tools to monitor the location of those active protesters or social media accounts used by the suspects to collect data on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites. Public has no aware of such behaviors. It seems to be an unspoken secret that chat and social media are monitored, and everyone takes various measures to keep their privacy from being revealed. Is the Internet convenient or intrusive?

Since Internet is controlled by a centralized server, there’s no privacy at all, and the disclosure of personal information is not uncommon. Each platform, in order to count big data, monitors the traces we leave, and even sells user information. Our privacy is used in a variety of business, political, and even criminal activities that we can’t stop. VDS adopts decentralization and encryption technology to solve privacy problems, and develops a secret chat system based on a distributed anonymous network.

The reason why VDS does not use a centralized method for data transmission and storage is that many encrypted chat tolls using centralized servers are forced to submit user data, keys and other contents under the mandatory requirements of centralized agencies, governments and other departments during some special events and periods. Not only that, the fault tolerance rate of the encrypted chat tool run by the centralized server is very low, it is difficult to guarantee that a “center” will never go wrong, a perfect security system will also have vulnerabilities. Therefore, in the secret chat of VDS, numerous master nodes are selected as distributed servers to provide network services such as information transmission and data operation, they do not store user information or chat content. All information is only saved on the local devices of sending and receiving parties, which eliminates information leakage caused by the fact that central server is monitored or attacked by relevant departments from the root cause. Information transmission is further secured because hackers cannot track or lock these servers which relies on technology to hide node IP. Masternodes constitute a distributed anonymous network, which is the basis of secret chat in the VDS ecosystem. Based on blockchain technology, anonymous network decentralizes the entire system through distributed nodes and makes the system more secured and stable. Since the network is composed of numerous nodes, the attack on several of them will not paralyze the whole network or cause data loss. The IP anonymity of super master nodes offers a protective umbrella for the entire network.

And in order to avoid being tracked or content monitored, the secret chat of VDS is achieved through distributed encryption transmission. Each piece of information will be broken into fragments, encrypted in different ways, and transmitted through different nodes. Each node in the process of transmission cannot obtain the complete information and make storage, nor monitor any chat content. VDS has enhanced encryption or decentralization in every step of the transmission process. The meticulous design makes chat data monitoring and information leakage impossible, which avoids the defects of the centralized chat tools to the greatest extend and guarantees user privacy.

Most of the centralized chat tools require the account registration of a centralized institution. With personal info involved, this has become one of the hidden dangers for the unavoidable monitor. As a decentralized chat tool, VDS does not require personal info at registration, nor does it require the verification of any centralized institutional account. The only thing needed is consumption of Vollar, the currency circulating in the VDS ecosystem, to fulfill the creation of VID so as to use secret chat. VID is just a proof of identity in the VDS ecosystem, without requirement of authentic identity info, which not only makes VDS’s secret chat completely anonymous, but also respects users’ personal privacy, so that everyone reserve their right to provide personal info at the use of social platform.

The original intention of the social platform was to use the Internet technology to shorten the distance between people, but how long has it been since our last free speak of mind with friends? How long has it been since we were comfortable sharing people our contact information? How many times have we double-checked to turn off privacy Settings? In the secret chat of VDS, you don’t have to worry any more, just feel free to speak, rest assured to share your VID with others and no more need to check privacy Setting. VDS will not use or store any chat message, transmission is in decentralized encryption. It is a real anonymous network, a platform for freedom.

In VDS, personal information and chat records belong only to individuals and cannot be monitored by anyone.