Yeild Farming with Binance Smart Chain project


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Jun 22, 2021
Two months ago, I did introduce a token called FiG (a native token of FlowCom) which sold in the first phrase at the price of $ 0.3. After all the team's effort, in July, FiG will be listed on the XT exchange at $1. Not only that, FlowCom.Finance which paves a way for FlowCom in DeFI sector is on the way and is going to be launch at the end of this month, June. FlowCom Finance aggregates liquidity from token holders, and uses a complicated set of algorithms to route these funds through existing liquidity protocols on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem to collect yields. These yields are then distributed to the depositors, with an APY that is as high as 38%. Besides, there are more partnership is coming such as

Your opportunity
Currently, FiG is in its 3rd presale with the price of $0.79. There's still chance for you to join this ship and earn massive income. click the link below for registration and information.
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