[XMR] JCE Miner Cryptonight/forks, now with GPU!


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Jul 22, 2018
Welcome to the Fastest Cryptonote CPU Miner ever! Now with GPU!

Github page:

You can download it from the GitHub page or directly here:

Try the GPU Prototype

Recent history

0.32m GPU and CPU
Backport of GPU version fixes to CPU version
Native support of B2N and MOX/Red
Bitcedi coin updated to Citadel
Slightly longer connection timeout
--probe can be mixed with --bus-order
--any is now automatic

0.32k GPU
Relaxed netcode restrictions
Fixed hash counter display
Updated documentation

0.32j GPU
Lag timer when a share is accepted/rejected by the pool
The yellow hashrate is now called "net hashrate" to avoid ambiguity.
New coin: Veronite
New param: --bus-order to order GPUs by bus-id.
Fixed Vega detection
Reconnection counter in report and JSON

0.32h GPU
More coins
Better GPU log
Reworked warmup

0.32g CPU
Netcode fixes

0.32b GPU
Light change on CN-Heavy

0.32 GPU
Very experimental version
Ultra-fast start
fixed RX550 performance (to be confirmed)

0.31f GPU
Light Vega performance increase

Fork status:
XTL fork supported, now enabled by default
MKT for support enabled by default
ETN forked to a slightly modified CN-v7, supported and enabled by default on 0.29b and later
ITA defaults to CN-Heavy starting from 0.29b
Elya and Citadel defaults to CN-v7
Niobio and Bloc defaults to CN-Heavy
MSR (CN-Fast) fork supported, enabled by default
Haven fork supported, enabled by default
TUBE v2 fork supported starting from 0.31a, enabled by default
Sumokoin rolled back to CN-Classic
B2N natively supported starting from 0.32m, on old JCE version, use: --any --variation 9
MOX/Red is supported starting from 0.32m

Is that a Virus? No!

Like all miners, JCE gets detected as a virus by most Antiviruses, including Windows Defender. But it's not. Read more about Privacy and Security below.

Is it just yet-another fork of a common miner? No!

You're not losing your time testing a made-up rip of a common miner, JCE is brand new, using 100% new code.

Are the new Monero-V7, Cryptolight-V7, Cryptonight-Heavy, IPBC/Bittube, Alloy, Arto, MKT, B2N, Red, Fast/Masari, Haven and XTL forks supported? Yes!

The --variation parameter let you choose the fork. More details below.


In short, JCE is:

  • Crazy fast on non-AES 64-bits, usually 35-40% faster than other miners
  • Compared to other 32-bits miners, still faster on non-AES 32-bits, sometimes beating even the other miners 64-bits versions
  • And still faster on non-AES 32-bits Cryptonight-Heavy, with usually +50% speed.
  • Barely faster than the other best on AES 64-bits, beating them by ~1%, +2.8% on V7 fork, +4% on Cryptonight-Heavy
  • Also a lot faster on AES 32-bits, but it's a rare case (mostly seen on Intel Atom tablets)

Here's a benchmark against three other common miners.
The test is fair: run on the exact same Win10 Pro computer, all Huge Pages enabled, no background task, best configuration.

  • XMRStak means: the released Unified binary from github (not recompiled myself)
  • XMRig means: the respective best released binary gcc (32-bits) and msvc (64-bits) from github (not recompiled myself)
  • Claymore means: best Claymore CPU (3.4 for 32-bits, 3.9 for 64-bits)
  • When not supported, score is zero, if not tested yet, score is ?
  • Fees are included in the score

Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
116 80 85 57

Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
93 0 68 50

Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
506 502 502 443

Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
434 0 327 275

Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight V7
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
503 492 491 ?

Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight V7
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
424 0 320 ?

Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight Heavy
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
50 33 36 0

Ryzen 1600, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight Heavy
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
252 169 250 0

Ryzen 1600, 4 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight Heavy
JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
191 0 174 0

Third Party integration

If you're a Mining Tool dev (like Forager or Awsome Miner...) and want to integrate JCE, here's a good command to spawn JCE. Most parameters are similar to other common miners.

jce_cn_cpu_miner64 --auto --any --forever --variation FORK --low -o POOL:pORT -u WALLET -p PASSWORD --mport MONITOR SSL

And replace:

FORK by the Fork number, see list below, or set 0 for automatic
POOL:pORT by the pool address (name or IP):(port), e.g. pool.minexmr.com:4444
WALLET by the miner wallet
PASSWORD by the miner password
MONITOR by the local HTTP monitor server port
SSL by either nothing, or "--ssl" if SSL is to be used

To monitor the miner, read http (not https!) at localhost:MONITOR and you'll get some simple JSON like

"thread_0": 13.75,
"thread_1": 18.29,
"thread_2": 21.19,
"thread_3": 18.85,
"thread_all": [13.75, 18.29, 21.19, 2.71, 18.85],
"total": 72.06
"pool": "pool.minexmr.com:4444",
"ssl": false,
"currency": "Monero (XMR/XMV/XMC/XMO)",
"difficulty": 23684,
"shares": 5,
"hashes": 84473,
"uptime": "0:08:28",
"effective": 166.29

Quite self-explanatory,
"effective" is the net effective hashrate, fees, outdated and invalid shares deduced,
"total" is the instant physical hashrate

XMRStak mode

If your mining tool does not support JCE yet, you can get a XMR-Stak compatible json by adding parameter --stakjson
In such case, the JSON will be like:

{"version":"jce/0.27c/cpu","hashrate":{"threads":[[28.0,28.0,28.0],[25.7,25.7,25.7],[26.3,26.3,26.3],[26.5,26.5,26.5]],"total":[106.5,106.5,106.5],"highest":106.5},"results":{"diff_current":15000,"shares_good":1,"shares_total":1,"avg_time":12.0,"hashes_total":15000,"best":[118228,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],"error_log":[]},"connection":{"pool": "pool.minexmr.com:4444","uptime":12,"ping":0,"error_log":[]}}

Getting started

If you're new at mining Cryptonight, here's the simplest way:

  • Choose the coin to mine, see the list below. The most common is Monero.
  • Get a wallet, that's a ~95 character long identifier. If you don't have one yet, you can create it here
  • Choose a pool to mine on, and its port. For example Pool pool.minexmr.com and port 4444
  • Edit the start.bat that's shipped in the .zip
  • * Change the example POOL by yours
  • * Change the example PORT by yours
  • * Change the example WALLET by yours
  • * You can leave the default password x
  • (Optional) If your coin is exotic, maybe you also need to change FORK=0 to another number. See the list in the start.bat
  • Run start.bat