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Jun 27, 2018

Discord https://discord.gg/VrPtvV8
Website http://xdna.io/
Whitepaper[ENG] http://xdna.io/uploads/XDNA_Whitepaper_ENG.pdf
Lightpaper http://xdna.io/lightpaper/
Roadmap http://xdna.io/roadmap/
Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/CgE3bxJaiY1uoopjkWPqzw
Github https://github.com/XDNA-Core

XDNA main features:


Advanced feature for dynamic changes of block reward

Innovative multi-level masternodes concept
XDNA Foundation

Non-commercial charity cryptocurrency Foundation

Technical specifications


Innovative feature for dynamic changes of block reward

To change that long established paradigm of miners reward being
inversely proportional to network hashrate we have developed the BitGun algorithm.
The block reward changes in accordance with a set of “levels” reflecting the Fibonacci series.
There are 15 levels.

What are the advantages of using this approach?
Compared to conventional block reward calculation methods,
BitGun allows us to stabilize reward amount received by miners in the certain period of time.

Miners from all over the world can now count on decent mining rewards even if the network hashrate grows 1000 times.


Innovative multi-level masternodes concept – TripleNodeTechnology

In general, all masternode projects have similar rewarding system:
«Each SINGLE block only ONE masternode wins the masternode reward»
There are many tiered masternode projects with a different coin amount requirement for a different masternode tiers.
But, if you think that different tier masternodes get separate rewards from a block – you are mistaken. Even if a project has 5 MN tiers – each block only 1 masternode gets a reward. If it is tier1 masternode – it gets block reward for tier 1. If tier 5 – for tier 5.
But in XDNA we made a unique part of coin, providing multiple block outputs for MN rewards. In brief, it means:
«Each SINGLE block THREE masternodes of different tiers get THREE different masternode rewards» So, If in a common masternode project we have: 30MN T1, 50MN T2, 100 MN T3, 10 MN T4 and 10 MN T5 this is counted as just a bulk of 200 MN in network and only 1 will get its reward. But, if we are speaking about XDNA T. N. T. system and we got: 50 MN T1 (Light), 10 MN T2 (Medium) and 5 MN T3 (Full) the randomizer process will process 3 different directions: 3% from a block reward between 50 MN T1 (Light), 9% from a block reward between 10 MN T2 (Medium) and 15% from a block reward between ONLY 5 MN T3 (Full).
If we had a common MN reward system, the owners of XDNA Full masternodes would share their chances to get rewards between 65 MN’s , but in our T.N.T. system each type of masternodes has their own prize pool, so they share the chance of getting the reward only between other Full masternode owners.

Relying only on the most advanced aspects of the world leading cryptocurrencies, we propose to use masternodes to ensure network stability.
However, given the experience of creating and using masternodes in different projects,
we put the harmony between miners and investors' wishes and possibilities stands on the first place in XDNA.
To make it possible for everyone to set up a masternode, we have developed three types of them.

It should be noted that BitGun levels directly affect the masternode profitability - block reward at higher nethash increases, therefore masternode income increases as well.

XDNA Foundation

We think about the world around us. We realize, that there are many charity organizations that provide gratuitous assistance to those in need.
We also want to be a part of something bright and kind, helping people. Part of the GOOD.
We created the XDNA Foundation, non-commercial charity cryptocurrency Foundation,
aimed at providing targeted assistance to organizations and Foundations with insufficient or completely absent financing.
If any organization around the world wants to implement the sale of food, water or medical supplies for XDNA,
even for charity purposes – join us, together we'll make this world a better place!

New Wallet

The time when a crypto wallet used to be a dull utility program is gone. That was really boresome.
We bring you a new standard of nice-looking, ergonomic, and stable software. Behold the XDNA Wallet for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Mobile wallets coming soon

POW block reward distribution
We do not use a “10% budget system" and superblocks. We developed a new distribution system with six unique outputs.
First 4 outputs - rewards for miners and masternode holders. 2% from each block reward going to XDNA Foundation.
Finally, only 1% from each block reward going to developers team. 1%. That's all that simple.

Premine distribution
Premine is only 971,712 XDNA, which equals to 7 days of mining supply with an average block reward size.
Total coin supply in 18 years will be approx. 366,000,000 XDNA.
This amount doesn’t include the premine of 971,712 XDNA

Here is how the premine is divided:

BSOD https://bsod.pw/
PROTOPOOL https://protopool.net/
SUPRNOVA https://xdna.suprnova.cc/

XDNA Revolution in mining | Dual Mining | PoW + PoS + Masternode
A unique coin, unique technologies,
By simple the higher the hash of the network, the more reward, the first time in the cryptomir.
Discord https://discord.gg/VrPtvV8
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Jun 27, 2018
We are proud to present our 1st bounty campaign for the XDNA project! The total amount of rewards for distribution is 50 000 XDNA. You may earn XDNA coins by completing bounty tasks in the following categories:

  • Social Media Campaign (15 000 XDNA prize pool)
  • Signature Campaign (15 000 XDNA prize pool)
  • Content Creation Campaign (10 000 XDNA prize pool)
  • Translation Campaign (10 000 XDNA prize pool)

The campaign will be running from 25.06.2018 until 25.08.2018.

This Bounty Campaign will be managed by lordvek. Also known as TheUnknownHero on Discord (full ID 410828654621360149). PM me if you have any concern regarding Bounty matters.
I will explain, I think there are professionals in social networking with this wonderful forum, there are those who have their own groups, their channels on YouTube, many are easy to do it, there are just people who sink this coin and there are those who can get a lot of coins for the account of his skill, someone can translate text and pictures in Photoshop, someone to promote on Twitter and Facebook and for that they give not bad money, if you consider that the coin is young and already costs around 1.5 dollars for 1 coin, you can get up to 5000 coins, for example you got 1000 coins, at the moment it's 0.23 BTC or 1407.84 USD, and the coin will cost ten times more, I wish that you could earn this money, you just need to apply your skills and knowledge.

Here is the registration form that must be filled by all participants.
Join the Discord channel https://discord.gg/VrPtvV8

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Jun 27, 2018
Greetings our dear community!
Thanks to those who believe in the success of our project. We are moving good, in development, clearly following to our roadmap :

We are working hard to make our prices stable in the current market and today we want to share with you our new promo video preview, it is only a small part of a large marketing campaign-after which XDNA will be known and the main discussed coin among the whole crypto world:

We received messages from our community that the XDNA withdrawls from Crypto-Brridge was accompanied by problems and took a long time, be careful and do not mine directly on the exchange :exclamation:
Now everything is fine, the work of the exchange has been restored - withdrawals & deposits have been re-enabled.
Tomorrow at 19:30 UTC there will be a live dialogue with the development team, we will wait for you, with your answers, wishes and suggestions! we want to hear everyone! and together we will definitely succeed
Join the Discord channel https://discord.gg/VrPtvV8
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