X-bot.io - platform for automated trading on the spot market of the Binance exchange.


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Oct 31, 2021
X-bot is a cloud cryptocurrency platform that hosts high-frequency bots giving you constant profit from the Binance Spot Market . Our bot is a unique product with no equivalents or counterparts.

The technology is based on a popular algorithm called “Grid Trading”. In order to provide stable trading to our users, we build our bot on the most popular crypto platform — Binance.

Do you want to skyrocket your crypto trading and get yourself truly cosmic-kind passive income?

You have an arsenal of trading tools at your disposal to make an informed decision on your strategy and pairs. The bot is easy to set up and use, which allows successful trade even for beginners in the crypto industry. At the same time, in the hands of an experienced trader, X-bot becomes an indispensable tool in achieving fast and most importantly safe enrichment.

Get an advantage over the fluctuating market leaving behind common risks associated with trading:
  • The unique algorithm allows bot to quickly navigate the market.
  • We've prepared and rolled out a referral system for our traders.
  • Each user gets a unique virtual environment that safely stores your trading strategies
  • Get yourself a large passive income. Get started with our bot!
There are a lot of cool features like trailing UP/DOWN, Target, Stop Loss, Scale, Fuel, Reinvest, Referral Program.

Receive up to 25% bonuses for each referral!
Once somebody uses your referral code, this person becomes your level 1 referral. If this user top-up the account on 100 dollars, you will get 25% out of it. If your level 1 referral invites another user into the system, you’ll get 15% of his fuel balance.

Become a part of the successful traders’ community right now!
Our community is constantly attracting successful traders that forged a great passive income within a few months of trading.

The platform takes 5% of the bot's earnings, that is, until the bot earns you the difference, you pay nothing for its work. To do this, there is a FUEL that needs to be replenished in USDT. 95% profit is very cool.

All new users are given a bonus: $ 25 to the account in the form of FUEL.

There is also a 3-level referral program:
Level 1 - 25% of FUEL replenishment
Level 2 - 15% of FUEL replenishment
Level 3 - 10% of FUEL replenishment

Orders are displayed on the bot platform chart in three colors: red, green and yellow. Take BNB / BUSD pair for example:
Red - orders, if you enter from the left side of the pair (BNB in our case), are called (IN ORDERS).
Green - orders, if you enter from the right side of the pair (BUSD in our case), are called (IN ORDERS).
Yellow - orders with a profit are called (OUT).

You can choose three strategies for launching the bot:
If only with BNB, earnings will be in BNB.
If only BUSD, earnings will be in BUSD.
If BNB and BUSD are on both sides at the same time, earnings will be in BNB and BUSD

You can launch it with different pairs of cryptocurrencies and a lot of bots.

Also at startup there are bot settings:

Balance - how much you want to start trading.

Delta - the range in which your bets will be placed. You can set it differently for each side.

Profit - the amount of profit from each trade. You can set it differently for each side.

Trailing - allows you to move your grid to the current cryptocurrency price.

Stop Loss - a reinsurance order in percentage, to reduce risks when there is a sharp pupp or dump in cryptocurrency. Percentage. Not less than Delta.

Reinvest - the earned amount is added to the starting balance of the bot and goes to trading. You can turn it off and then the amount earned goes to the spot wallet.

Scale - stretch your OUT orders into bigger delta in order to receive the same profit when the price is dumping. Allows еру bot to stay in the grid and continue trading.

There are also three strategies to stop the bot:
Stop bot - stops the bot, all IN and OUT orders remain open on Binance.
Cancel IN Orders - cancels all IN orders (green and red), OUT orders (yellow) remain open on Binance
Cancel All Orders - cancels all IN and OUT orders on Binance.

All transactions are processed very quickly and all information about them comes in a telegram.

For each pair, you can launch a separate bot, which will simultaneously trade for you.

Continuous support is available in Russian and English. And also cool features for active users who connect new ones !!!

Subscribe to our Youtube channel. There you will find a video on how to get started quickly.

Come to our Telegram channel and follow the news.


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Oct 31, 2021
X-Bot Platform updates:

Start fuel $1
All new users will start with $1 Fuel.

2. Remove Reinvest from start bot configurations.
We removed Reinvest from the Start Bot Configurations screen. Now you can turn it on/off on flight (near trailing and scale).

Edit bot settings on flight (Profit, Delta, Stop Loss).
Now you will be able to change settings of Profit, Delta, and Stop Loss while the bot is already running. Only IN orders will be affected.