Would anyone from MUMBAI or nearby cities like to join me to work in cryptocurrency field?

Crypto RichieRich

New Member
Sep 10, 2017
I am looking for a partner from Mumbai or nearby cities to work with, in crypto industry.

I have observed that there are many opportunities to make some handsome income, like importing Bitcoins & selling them here, inter as well as intra exchange arbitrage, picking up right coins, playing with shitcoins etc. etc.

I just get bored alone by sitting in front of my laptop all the time in my home. Now I feel like there should be some place like an office where I can work with some colleague(s), which will help me to get rid of this boringness. Plus an extra pair(s) of hands will make the job easier & faster. Many hands make light work.

Wrote this post just to find someone who is in the same situation as mine & is also looking for someone to work with.

The criterias I feel like I must add here are that the person must be
1. Willing to give time
2. Willing to do research
3. Willing to work hard

& better if he/she,
1. Is a pro in cryptos
2. Is a pro in trading.

To be frank, I am neither a pro in crypto nor in trading but I do research a lot & work hard. I have been in this field since only a few months. I do trading / investing only on the basis of my research from various forums & social networking sites.

Please PM me or comment here if interested.