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Jun 4, 2019
Dear Partners,

You’re probably familiar with Plus Token. That’s a Crypto Wallet with an integrated Arbitrage Trading bot that delivers an average of 10% monthly profit.

Plus Token has reached some huge popularity over the last few months. It has started in South Korea but is meanwhile known on almost every continent of the world. The Plus Token price has moved from $.04 to incredible 36$ and Leo, the CEO of Plus Token, has even met with prince Charles at a Charity Dinner.

While the world is looking at Plus Token, a new star was born, without attracting a lot of attention by the public.

Wo Token

Wo Token is a Crypto Wallet that offers similar features but is technologically more advanced then plustoken, you get paid daily interest in WOR to use their wallet and the value of WOR today is only $.036. This WORyou can exchagne for ETH instantly or you can keep i and make a bigger profit on the value growth.

The best part: It is owned and run by the already established Japanese Exchange Neraex.

Neraex exchange has in it´s listing a number of different crypto assets and teh WoToken (WOR) will be listed att appropriate time. Until listing the WOR is 100% liquidated for ETH directly in the Dapp wallet.

The daily trading volume of Neraex was 2.1 mln USD when writing this article.

Neraex saw the huge potential behind Wo Token and acquire the whole blockchain multi-ecosystem in October 2018. The next step from Neraex exchange is to redo and integrate their exchange (renamed to WOEX) directly into the WoToken Dapp creating a complete ecosystem with access to mulitwallet storage of digital assets, exhange, trading software and more.

The Wo Token multi-ecosystem was designed by the well-known 1WorldBlockchain developers who are specialized in delivering blockchain based solutions.

Wo Token is registered in two different jurisdictions, Singapore and the Virgin Islands.

Wo Token was represented on some of the major Blockchain conferences in Asia. One of them was the Unblock Community conference that took place in Hong Kong.

The intelligent Wo Token has a big vision with the primary goal to make digital assets spendable. That’s why they are partnering with a MasterCard Issuing Company Global Cash. The Wo Token DApp (decentralized app) will enable users to utilize their cryptocurrencies stored in WoToken wallet using credit card (MasterCard).

What is the Wo Token DApp?
DApp is spelled out as Decentralized App. The Wo Token DApp will help you safely store crypto assets including the WOR token itself, as well as it will serve as a hub for blockchain projects and services as anything can be integrated into WoToken DApp to build a complete ecosystem.

If you use WoToken wallet you will as said be rewarded if you activate the Apollo software that is integrated to the DApp, for free ofcourse.

The minimum value to hold in order to activate Apollo and earn daily interest is $1.000.

you can choose from two plans:
Apollo 1 — $1000 — $4999
Apollo 2 from $5000 and up.

You can convert and withdraw your profits in ETH at any time, you can also withdraw you principal at any time to by turning of the apollo software

Your profits will be accrued in Wo Tokens and can at current time be exchanged for ETH until listing on WOEX exchange will happen when WORwill be paired with several of the major coins

How to get started
To get started you need to download and install the Wo Token DApp:


When registering you need to enter a sign-up code.

Sign-up code: 1SsRQN6gyg

Before you can start your DApp on Iphone device, you need to approve the developer GIA Tech s.r.o. under General Setting → Device Management.

After you’ve successfully registered you can transfer funds to your wallet and activate your Apollo software to start earning daily profits in WOR (WoToken).

When writing this article following crypto assets were available: BTC, WBD, ETH, EOS, USDT, LTC, BCH, SKB.

I will have created a video presentation that will help you get a more clear understanding of the project — 
Happy earnings!

Please reach out to me on worldwotoken@gmail.com for further inquiries
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