World wifi - universal dreams to the global internet


Mar 14, 2018

Everyone knows the importance of the Internet in modern life.It is a large user database and useful for connecting each together. Wi-fi is the first wireless network and is widely used in the world by it's convenience. Beside it's development, more and more laptops and mobile phone are used. This helps us catch up the information or support for work anywhere. It is one of the most used and higly rated networks. And now, the Internet wifi gives users the new business opportunity from sharing that wifi to other users. World wifi is an new organization, their mission is setting up a free global wifi system.They offer a new solution, cooperate with router owner will share wifi free to other users. It is a good news! because you do not have to pay for the network or sign up for network service before. Entrepreneurs need you and you need wifi. It's is convenient for everybody.

Universal dreams to the global internet.
When you participate in World wifi, you will be linked in a network that includes: internet users, routers owners, advertisers, entrepreneurs and internet service providers.That each side plays a role that is needed to make a profit. Entrepreneurs seek opportunities to built their businesses through advertising to reach users.In addition we are using free wifi only by tracking an adverting.World wifi will be the intermediary providing the platform for this affiliate network.The mode of operation is not only simple but aslo suitable for the trend of globalization technology.Profit is generated simply by the following process:

  • You are router owner , you sign up the system, open Internet access network, share the free internet to the router owner for each advetise impression.Bonus token can exchanged for another crytocurrency or money.
  • You are an advertiser, you log in the system, make contract and buy the necessary quantity oftokens to pay for the advertising campaign, your advertisement will display immediately
  • You want to make more money with World wi-fi, you will introduce system and make an agreement with any other wi-fi router owner.

Apparently as you know the project is expanding on a global scale and there are several incentives for those who take part in that promote it to complete quickly. Moreover the experience and accomplishments of the 2016 RADIUS WIFI and ADRENTA in 2017, this year 2018 WORLD WIFI was born to mark a new development.With a consultant and development team such as:

Christel Quek

Business Insider as one of the 30 best executives to follow on Twitter.
A technology executive who has built brands and digital businesses since the advent of the digital economy. She was the Head of Content at Twitter across their International Markets, and led Social Business for Samsung Asia. Christel was selected by The Guardian as one of the top global digital strategists, Campaign Asia-Pacific as a Woman to Watch.

Was an Advisor in Zilliqa one of the best ICO in 2018.

Dmitry Dain

One of the first developers of 802.11 Wi-Fi Protocol Member of the world's cryptographers' association.Founder of 'Virgil Security' (USA), a company specializing in cryptography and encryption.

Fred Ledbetter

Executive in largest Telecom operators.
CEO Imaginet/Czech Telecom, CCO Virgin Connect, CMO Golden Telecom – executive management in WiFi, Internet, wireless, broadband and mobile in large and medium firms and start ups.

Thierry De Gorter

Has a Princeton University degree in corporate finance. Fascination by modern fin tech, lead him to the deep commitment to the blockchain technology. Currently advising and developing decentralized infrastructure projects. Thierry is bitcoin enthusiast and philanthropist.

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