Why support ICH and why to invest in it?


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May 7, 2020
Why support ICH and why to invest in it?
Many of the cryptocurrencies are financial and banking projects and other projects do not have a real use case, we rarely can find a currency in a project that is useful to humanity and solves a real world problem that effects a large group of people.
Today the ICH coin comes with a decentralized patent registration platform project based on the blockchain technology in an innovative digital way that preserves the rights of inventors and guarantees them the spread of their inventions legally without the hassle of the routine killer procedures in many countries in the world, especially developing countries ..
The success such a project alters the pace of development on the entire planet and makes development accelerate at a tremendous speed allowing all humans to benefit from useful inventions instead of them disappearing with the death of their owner and no one knows about them.
ICH also provides capital owners with many real and easier investment opportunities and provides inventors with funds from supporters without the efforts of trying to expose their ideas and struggle in an area they are not good at; promoting themselves.
Therefore, the ICH coin project is a true humane revolutionary project that should be supported with all possible means and participate in the most important revolutions of the twenty-first century

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