WhiteWall - Secured virtual private servers (VPS)


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Mar 6, 2018

In the 21st century there is a pressing need for secure data storing. Every single day you can find news about hacker attacks, hacked
cryptocurrency wallets and leaked private information (God bless Jennifer Lawrence ). Everyone can become a victim of hackers.

One of the WhiteWall project general objectives is providing security to our clients. All users’ data is always stored encrypted. Thanks to the
connection with remote desktops via network of routers, anonymous VPNs and a mixer traffic of one user can’t be distinguished from other
users’ traffic. This approach allows preventing the possibility of remote access to your data. Hackers can get your data only if you send them
access information.

The WhiteWall project provides a multi-layered system for protecting users’ remote working places, which is covering all possible ways to steal
your data.

  • Constant migration of VPS between Data Centers
This method is intended to protect users’ data against decryption algorithms, because hackers have to trace the migration route and to initiate
a new attack from a different angle after each relocation.

  • Two-stage encryption with the use of BitLocker and VeraCrypt
According to official data, it will take more than several trillion years to decrypt information encrypted with this pair of algorithms.

  • All the traffic (incoming, internal and outcoming) is processed inside our own VPN based on OpenVPN
The method prevents your data from being stolen when transmitting. We can also set up a direct gateway for you if it is necessary.

1 WHW Token provides the right to have 10% discount on 1 VPS server for a period of 1 month. When paying for 1 month, up to 10 WHW
can be used.
If the amount of the discount is less than 100%, then user should make an additional payment in any of the suggested cryptocurrencies:
Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH. At once user can also pay for several months in advance.

Looking forward for your feedback!


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Mar 6, 2018
Hello everybody!

We have commissioned an external audit from Group-IB. We will publish the results and our White Paper in the nearest future.

Keep an eye on our news!


Dec 17, 2017
Every company says that they have the best private servors. But my question is that, what will happen if the servors get hacked? What compensation you will provide the people affected by the hacks? I hope you will answer these questions.