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Sep 29, 2017
Would you like to do one of those ICO's that sells out in minutes and has a waiting list? Those projects have one thing - a good idea properly explained. Clear, Concise, Comprehensive and Compelling.

Writing white papers for ICO’s is an overlooked skill. Too many developers write their own. As a result, they come off as amateurs. Often they have amazing skills in development, but lack the basic understanding of writing for an audience.

If you need a white paper writer for an upcoming ICO, then contact me. I have 20 years’ experience in writing. White papers are my specialty and I know the ins and outs. I can keep you from making the same mistakes most developers make in writing their white papers – too technical, overly detailed, lack of clarity in the main points, poor organization, overly academic tone, too chatty of a tone (questions credibility), too salesy, lack of hook, too detached, etc.

I am a highly credentialed author and native English speaker, so if you are from a non-English country, I can do a LOT to get your project off to a strong start.

Kelly Mitchell

PM me with some project details and contact info and we'll talk.