What other coins can I earn with my computer?


Mar 19, 2017
The days of mining bitcoin are over, i wasn't even around when you could mine them, i can barely afford to get a full one since the price is too high, so i only have a little bit

But, i like these cryptocurrencies, i want to make coins using my computer, i don't want to buy them,

Currently the only coins i am making without having to buy them is sjcx, Storj, it works by renting out your hard drive, i get a certain amount of coins each month depending on how long i left my computer on. I already have 100 sjcx coins! They are not worth a lot, but maybe someday they will

I download the Ethereum wallet, but i found i can't earn their coins, i have to buy them, that's no fun,

What other coins can i earn? Anyone making any other cryptocurrencies online?

I don't want to purchase any other equipment, i just want to use my desktop to get coins



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Aug 28, 2015
@bitbee99 Check out this website:


scroll down - you can see the most profitable coins to mine.

Mining alts is the way to do it if you have a PC.

If I was entering the market today based on my experiences, experiences I've been forced to learn it's cost millions of dollars, it did not come cheep nor would I recommend anyone get it the hard way.

Knowing which coin to mine is hard most are pump and dumps. I'd keep an eye on that website and always mine the most profitable coin.

this would be my strategy starting in this market at this time:

  1. save 10% of every coin you mine - do not save on exchange but on a trusted wallet where you control the private keys. (most will probably die some will be very successful - i estimate 1 in 10)
  2. invest 40% of all mined coins in bitcoin - learn about high beta trading bitcoin is low beta - this strategy suggests its a good time to be shifting towards bitcoin looking at historic data.
  3. trade however you see fit with 40% using what ever strategy you want (take profits, save 10% profit in BTC and 10% in native coin, continue trading with the rest) - analyse and learn from your losses there is always a reason you just don't know what it is - your job is to understand if it's you and if it is not, find a way to use whatever it is to your advantage.
  4. spend 10% of the coins you mine (not bitcoin) - firstly to grow the industry, secondly to learn what infrastructure is developing around that coin - its profit taking and educational - you will understand the value and the market for the coin better.

I'd continue that strategy until bitcoin is ready to scale. - I still believe bitcoin is the future.

that's is not investing advice, just what i think i would do today, you are responsible for your actions.
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