What is mining machine immersion cooling?


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Jul 5, 2022
I believe that friends who own miners will have the same trouble: the miner equipment will gradually become hot and hot during operation and the damage rate is extremely high. Faced with this trouble, most people have already started to choose suitable cooling system.

So how many kinds of cooling methods do you know about the mining machine?

The more common on the market is air-cooled, but this is noisy, and the damage rate and its high, which is not friendly for a long time.

There are three types of liquid cooling methods respectively, specifically those three, do you know?

Here are the details of:2022 Data Center Liquid Cooling Technology Opens New Era

For liquid cooling, more people choose to immersion cooling, its advantages are relatively obvious, so what are the specific, and you know?

It describes in detail the advantages of immersion cooling method:2022 Box Technology’s latest immersion cooler benefits

I believe that after reading will help you.

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