What is Ethereum?


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Dec 19, 2015
It’s a distributed virtual computer that anyone can securely run programs on and trust their results. Applications on Ethereum require zero infrastructure and are immune to downtime. The code that runs an Ethereum application is verifiable. Users can know that the program they are interacting with does exactly what it claims to do.

Ethereum includes a digital currency called ether. Ether has a lot in common with the famous digital currency Bitcoin. Both are a purely digital store of value and means of exchange that cannot be counterfeited. Both are implemented so that no one can manipulate the currency supply. Both can be transferred around the world, like email, and in a very final way, like cash. Both have value today because users expect them to have value tomorrow, and because they can do things traditional money can’t.

So, Ethereum is both a digital currency and a programming language. But it is the combination of these ingredients that make it special.

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Mar 7, 2016
Hi i am a noob here, my first post. I mine bitcoin ~700Gh/s. I want to mine Ether but am still reading into it. The more i read about Ethereum the more i think maybe bitcoin is'nt the "chosen one".. This is gona be big!

I understand i have to run Ubuntu 15.10 on 64-bit machine to mine Ether . I am not a coder so I try to do everything in GUI but... i am learning. I am a windows user but am currently playing with Ubuntu 15.10 -desktop- AMD64- on an old Dell Vostro, single core 2Ghz / 2G RAM laptop. I am not sure it will be powerful enough. I have a old 64 bit server that might be better, its a HP DL380 G5 and has 2 off Quad-Core Xeon L5420 Processors (2.5 Ghz) with 8GB RAM. I can dedicate that to my project.

Please can you give me some info on what hardware infrastructure and OS system is best to get conected to the world wide decentralised virtual machine they call Ethereum and what i need to mine Ether. (CPU / GPU / ASIC etc)? I want to solo mine...as well as mine in a pool. I have plenty HHD space for Blockchains

Thanks up-front