What failure examples of ICO token sale do you know?


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Jul 11, 2017
It's really interesting to see such a Hype on ICO market. But I think it would be really interesting for the community to discuss failure examples of token sale. When the goal wasn't achieved. What mistakes did happen during ICO preparation of such a project?

Please write your opinion in the comments. It's interesting for me, as we (as all other people on the planet right now, i think Smiley ) are going to make our own ICO soon, so we are in process of exploring this question.


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Apr 17, 2018
OneCoin was a failure and a massive scam whose only target was to steal investors money and CoinDash was another failure in 2017 that was an Israeli based ICO that got hacked and over $10 million worth of investment was lost. However, I must say, some ICOs are legit and the projects have the potential to succeed and we must support them and get high return too ;) I am eyeing and researching about gigtricks ico for some time now, will wait few more days and see if its a scam and then I will make my move before the 75% discount ends. However, I am not gonna invest in blindly, who knows if they are actually legit or imposing to be one.


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Aug 19, 2015
Centra coin

The Penis scam

Example galores aside, I actually think the overwhelming majority of ICOs will fail. The only difference among them are whether they're outright scams (like Centra and Prodeum) or bullshit that _will_ fail at some point when they have squandered all their money.

I don't really believe in blockchains creating any real value other than being censorship-resistant frictionless money, so keep my pessimism in mind. =)


Dec 17, 2017
It is really hard to make an ICO successfu; It is reported that forty-six percent of 2017's ICO failed. Swisscoin, Tezos, Veredictum, etc are examples of failed ICOs. There is a lot of investment lost if an ICO fails to live upto the expectations.


Nov 26, 2017
ICO offerings are not easy. There are a lot of risk involved in it. People may invest in them or completely block them out. It is estimated that 46 % of 2017s ICOs failed and died. Some examples of failed/scammed ICOs are ONECOIN, COINDASH, Veritaseum, Enigma, etc.


Dec 17, 2017
According to a survey 48% of the initial coin offerings of the new coins failed in the past year and it is really a thing of huge concern for us. But on the other hand, many coins gather huge attention as well in which Bitcoin Cash is a prime example. Thank you!