What does the determination of the MiCA agreement represent?


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Jul 5, 2022
ARTICLE FOR REFERENCE: EU reaches latest MiCA agreement in 2022

From this article, I believe that this agreement between the EU and the European Parliament plays a regulatory role in the future planning of the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies have been sought after by the general public since they came out of nowhere in 2009. From the beginning, Bitcoin was worth a quarter of a dollar, to as much as $30,000 and even $680,000, which made it a glorious moment.

However, it didn't last long, as Bitcoin exists in the online world as an anonymous electronic virtual currency, so it gave some people the opportunity to take advantage of it. Notorious hackers invaded the virtual world and stole a huge amount of bitcoins. It dealt a serious blow to the economy of the time.

Nowadays, the price of cryptocurrencies has fallen due to various macro factors. It has also caused many cryptocurrency lending companies to go out of business.

June 29th is a historic day belonging to cryptocurrencies. By the day the MiCA agreement actually comes into effect, it may be possible to create an ideal and safe cryptocurrency world.

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