Whaleclub.co: Use bitcoin to trade the financial markets


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Feb 19, 2016
Hong Kong
Dear Traders,

Whaleclub is a trading platform powered entirely by bitcoin. https://www.whaleclub.co

It’s like your broker except you use bitcoin instead of fiat to trade.

You can long or short EUR/USD, Gold, Oil, and BTC/USD directly using your bitcoin from anywhere in the world. Your bitcoin is never converted into fiat and all trades are settled in bitcoin.

All orders are executed instantly and free of charge at the price you specify, or at the best available price if you enter at market. There is no slippage. We aim for great speed and simplicity.

Whaleclub works great on smartphones and tablets. Just open whaleclub.co in your mobile browser and the UI will automatically adapt.

We currently offer up to 40x leverage and we plan to add more markets soon.

Trading Conditions
  • up to 40x leverage
  • low spreads
  • no minimum deposit
  • no execution fees
  • instant (no delays)
  • no requotes
  • no rejections
  • anonymous / no account verification

When it comes to security, we are and have always been absolutely paranoid.
  • 100% cold segregated storage of customer funds
  • full-account 2-factor authentication
  • brute-force and ddos mitigation through Cloudflare
  • paper backups of wallets in vaults around the world
  • full hashed database backups every 4 hours
  • full SSL encrypted communication
  • and much more >

More Features
  • huge community - over 8,000 traders
  • full-featured demo trading (bitcoin trading simulator)
  • detailed and accurate trading performance stats
  • fresh stream of trade ideas and signals
  • 24/7 support

About Us
Whaleclub started as a trading community mainly based off of TradingView in 2013. We recently launched live trading to the public (Jan 2016). We are engineers and designers based in Hong Kong. We all trade bitcoin.

I am glad to answer your questions in this thread.
Petar, Operations @Whaleclub
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Feb 19, 2016
Hong Kong
We have released new updates to whaleclub.co:

  • Transparency, our team, our business model, our mission, and more in our new About Us section
  • Videos of the trading platform in action
  • Major performance improvements in trading engine
  • Expanded benefits page
  • New Whaleclub vs The Rest page which allows transparent comparison of Whaleclub and other services
  • Improved withdrawal security, now automatically dispatching email confirmation when 2FA is not enabled
  • Exapanded and categorized FAQ for clarity
  • More robust price feed with offline plunge protection
  • General bug fixes in particular involving demo balance calculations
  • Styling, design, and messaging updates


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Aug 31, 2015
Nice platform, but to be honest, I find it hard to take a company seriously when it uses a .co domain. In my experience .co is used by companies who can't afford the .com. That doesn't bode well for someone who wants to be a major exchange, not to mention all the traffic you are losing from customers who are going to the .com by mistake.

If you want to play with the big boys, you simply must have the .com.


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Feb 19, 2016
Hong Kong
Thank you WestDogg.

Whaleclub has been around for a while under the .co name. We may think about getting the .com, but many people are now used to the .co - we think it's shorter and sweeter. Definitely not a money issue - in fact .co costs more than .com.

Many reputable sites are hosted on .co - most famously vine.co and angel.co.

You can learn more about us and the history of Whaleclub here.


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Sep 22, 2015
I have to agree that .co is the poor man's dot com. It's good to use for shortened URLs, but looks unprofessional when used for your main business.

The .co registry put a lot of money into marketing the TLD as the next big thing when they launched, not realizing that the floodgates would open up with gTLDs only two years later, and now it's basically worthless. I've been trading domains since the late 90s, and the values of .co portfolios have plummeted in the past 2 years.

Btw, Twitter is forced to use vine.co, because vine.com is owned by an Amazon subsidiary. The rest are an exception, not the rule. If whaleclub.com is in fact for sale, it would be very stupid not to buy it. If your competitors get a hold of it first, they will basically eat your lunch and can ruin your whole business.