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Nov 23, 2017

Hello there, guys. I'm really into of mining since 2012 and suddenly when the scope became a big amount, I've realized that if I want to maintain the whole rig's park (about 600 my own rigs and about 1000 client's rigs), I need a centralized and stable solution for the monitoring and management of rigs.
Well, when we get started to develop our service, there weren't any applications that can solve at least 1 of 10 of our problems.

We've spent a few months for developing and debugging. And today we ' re already maintain our and client's rigs via Cryptone.
We invite all willing persons to take part in the open beta test for the debugging of remaining bugs. And we'd like you to share your opinion and your wishes to improve the functionality of our service!

Site interacts with soft that was uploaded on the rigs.
How it looks like:

  • Our service provides you to manage your miners and their configs. Also, you can maintain templates. The service is always looking for the current versions of miner clients. We're testing it and then update it on your rigs from the cloud repository;
  • The full list of maintained miners: Claymore: zec, dual, cryptonight; CCminer TRPUVOT, SP Hash; Ewbf; ethminer; dstm’s zcash. If you'd like to add anything just request us;
  • Notifications via Telegram-bot and E-mail. Notifications contain temperature ,if the miner is available/unavailable and hash rates drawdown. You can disable notifications for separate rigs or for groups;
  • Working with environment variables and editing overclocking parameters such as Core Clock, Memory Clock, Power Limit, Voltage, Temperature Linit and Fan Speed;
  • Investing mode. You can set 2 wallets and share your profit between them;
  • Our service detects disconnected video cards and auto-reboot Windows and miner;
  • Auto-update of the application and miners on the equipment;
  • You're able to view miner's console from the site: details of hardware (HDD, motherboard, CPU, memory) and versions of the drivers installed on the rigs;
  • Most parameters can be changed massively. The process of changing configs (for 1000 rigs or less) takes no more than 60 seconds. You can pend your requests in editing.
  • You can monitor all important static data: hash rate metrics and forecast of earning for the current day, week or month.

How dashboard looks like:

The metrics of active rigs, general or average hash rate and forecast of profit for the current day, week and month are available.
Table with rigs updates every 10 seconds, and table sorts by status, card's temperature, and other parameters. Rigs can be sorted and managed by groups.
You can check public statistics and it doesn't require any authorization.
If you'd like you can check public statistics of one of the testers: Open

Safety and stability of the service.
We've done a serious work about the safety of our users:
  • SSL-certification on the site and in case of interacting rigs with API;
  • Scalable application architecture for increasing load. All servers situated in different locations and protected from DDoS-attacks. And even in case of a critical situation mining won't stop.
  • Two-factor verification via Google Authenticator;
  • Periodic backups.
Cost of use.
During the open beta test, all the functionality is available for free - we just need your feedback and wishes for the service.You're able to left them in the Feedback and then get them from month to the unlimited free use after open beta. It depends on the value of the information that you send us.
After a full release, the service will introduce a loyal price policy.

Feature updates.
We're working on our service every day, so we 've got optimistic predictions for adding new features.
In our plans to add:
  • Remote access to rigs via the browser.
  • Support for asics, so we need testers for it.
  • Integration of exchanges for the auto-exchange of altcoins;
  • Advantage switcher. The operator monitors the profitability of the mining of a certain coin, and if this function is enabled and registered purses, your rigs will be transferred to the extraction of a more profitable coin.

Registration: https://cryptone.net/register/

Conference for testers in Telegram, join: https://t.me/cryptonenet
My Telegram for communication: @encryer
Mail: africaunite@protonmail.com