We wanted Wall-St to buy bitcoins. They bought Bitcoin instead.


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Dec 29, 2015
The sub.

The Wall-Street adoption was expected to be the next big step to the General Adoption..
Geeks -> Silk Road -> Chinese traders -> Wall-Street -> General Public. Something like this.
We were waiting for them to come, to buy a lot of bitcoins and push the price to the moon.

They have come, but they choose to buy Bitcoin instead. Instead of buying coin they've decided to buy the protocol itself. For this they had to buy The Bitcoin Company along with the Bitcoin CEO. Since neither existed at the time, they had to create them first: herd core devs in a company and herd miners in a carted. Both tasks were accomplished perfectly without us even noticing it, until it was too late.

We dreamed for Wall-Street to come. They have come. Why we are not happy? :/