WCDC - your gateway to crypto payments in the real world


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Oct 23, 2018

Your gateway to crypto payments in the real world

WCDC is an integrated financial platform that includes foreign exchanges, settlement system, and interpersonal financial service. Unlike usual cryptocurrency, WCDC cooperates with the current government and financial system. It aims to become a cryptocurrency and digital currency as a means of integrated online or offline payment system.

WCDC is Fusion of coin (Cryptocurrency) & card (Real card) that provides more convenience for everyday life and trading.
WCDC aims for an easy and convenient system that is compatible with existing financial institutions and other cryptocurrency. In addition, it is designed to be used in all 220 countries in the world.


Goals of WCDC
1) Combination of coin (Cryptocurrency) and card (physical card)

- A Payment system that connects fiat money and cryptocurrency
- Payment and point accumulation through physical card in daily life
- Applying e-wallet technology for compatibility between fiat currency and
- Various financial activities both online or offline in connection with financial
institution network
- Applications in billion $ based commerce and trade as per WCDC action plans in
coming months

2) Beginning of new change
- Ensures stability and transparency of financial transactions with a distributed
public ledger
- Innovative changes in the financial and distribution markets and all related

3) Innovative financial service
- Supporting financial settlement in everyday life in connection with existing
financial institutions
- Suggesting a new way of life by offering convenient financial service

WCDC Project's features

WCDC e-Platform (WCDC_eP)

The WCDC e-Platform (WCDC_eP) is used in production, trade, distribution to provide various services for efficient financial
transactions and by using a proprietary compatible card, you can make a payment with cryptocurrency via APP (QR code, Barcode, etc), PC.

Incentive plan system

Transparent and convenient IPS (incentive planning system), market trading protocols and mutual practices can not only maintain the value of cryptography, but also use the incentive itself as a marketing factor and asset trading are possible through listing programs.

BR Card

BR-Card is a technology that transfers COS (Card OS) of the physical card and several qualifications into one card, which is used as a compatible payment system (WCDC_eP) by connecting real money and cryptocurrency and in cooperation with the network of financial institutions, financial settlement will be possible through both online and offline.

Road Map and Development Plan
- Form strategic alliances with key players in Fintech blockchain and related areas
- Develop new services and solutions using WCDCE infrastructure
- M&A with startups that have potential and capability to improve technical skills
and market value
- Add new functions to system consistently
- Maintain updates to meet the needs of the market and users

WCDC is media



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Oct 23, 2018
Switch to Crypto in a Heartbeat: WCDC Fuels Your Life with Cryptocurrency

Dealing with cryptocurrencies can be a bit hard whether you are new to the scene of blockchain, an occasional crypto enthusiast or even a seasoned veteran. The necessity to understand every aspect of how every digital currency works coupled with a number of key limitations of an immature industry tend to push people away from really enjoying cryptocurrencies. Most crypto holders cannot really do much with the coins they carry on their digital wallet. Spending is a difficult close to impossible feat.

Where there is a need there is a way. A solution that meets these goals and goes even beyond is what World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is offering. With WCDC, users of crypto and people who have considered joining the crypto world will be able to access better services that really give them more advantages over limitations related to spending and conversions.

Read more about WCDC solution that unites the crypto and the real worlds.
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Oct 23, 2018
WCDC: Writing the Next Chapter in Crypto Adoption

From an experimental project that began in an underground mailing list discussion on cryptography to a currency being accepted as payment for buying a car, a house, and even a trip to Paris. The first established cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – has come a long way from its grassroots start. And now, a whole movement is preparing to conquer a new age of decentralized economies to improve people’ lives.

As time goes by we are beginning to see that cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely entering our day-to-day lives. The value and use for these digital coins is undeniable as more and more entities adopt them.

The challenges slowing down crypto adoption are the main focus of the Asian-blockchain venture called World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC). How to we solve this? Combining Fiat and Cryptocurrency!

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Oct 23, 2018
On the edge of transformation: payments go crypto

There can be many ways in which cryptocurrency may be used to improve lives, but the most obvious and, in fact, anticipated, is payments in crypto. Right now payments with digital coins are clear candidates for disrupting traditional finance. Simply because crypto payments are better. Therefore, the companies that offer a viable blockchain alternative to cover small and large financial transactions will be the first to seize this market opportunity. One that could, potentially, catapult the entire crypto market to an even greater height.

Implementation of crypto payments represents the key to achieving a more mature market and a more mainstream use of cryptocurrencies. And despite a great consumer demand, it’s hard to find a unified and complete solution to spending digital currencies. One that takes the best of using fiat as well as the advantages of crypto such as elimination of intermediaries in financial transactions.

This has now changed. An Asian venture called World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is at the forefront of making crypto payments a reality. The dream of using cryptocurrencies and spending them like fiat – anytime and anywhere – is no longer so far away.
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Oct 23, 2018
Braincore Signs MOU With Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation For Offering Online Service

WCDC moves ahead and reaches new peaks in its development. Today our team is excited to announce that on October 30, Braincore has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation to provide online services of WCDC e_Platform, WCDC_Card, cryptocurrency and etc.

The main purpose of this cooperation is to provide Braincore’s WCDC e_Platform and Real-life compatible card (WCDC_Card) technology to Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation for its cryptocurrency operation and online services and also to offer a real-life payment solution.

WCDC, a cryptocurrency being used for real life, plans to provide deposit & withdrawal service to the members of the Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation and its cryptocurrency.

It is expected to increase the number of members who use WCDC.
Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation is a non-profit organization with 148 branches in China, Taiwan and 692 affiliated organizations around the world.

Braincore CEO Mr. Kwak Chang-keun said

We are very excited that we laid the foundation to provide more convenient life to members of Sun Yat-Sen Boai Foundation all over the world through this mutual cooperation.
Also Braincore official added “ we are strategically seeking to expand our online services based on WCDC e_Platform to other Asian and in discussions with Several Major Companies.”

Areas where WCDC e_Platform is installed, compatible cards(WCDC-Card) can be used regardless of country through interconnection. In other words, WCDC users can conveniently use the WCDC e_Platform in affiliated stores for overseas travel or business trips without a paying commission or charges.


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Oct 23, 2018
Banks are getting hot for crypto?

2018 will be most remembered as the year central banks started launching their own cryptocurrencies. Doesn’t it signal a historical turning point in the war between banks and crypto? At our WCDC blog we’ve decided to take a look at these interesting relationships.

It is understandable that banks had before seen cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as threats. After all, currencies on blockchain are able to secure transactions without involving traditional financial institutions.

Earlier this year, sensing severe disruption, major banks like JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citi barred their customers from purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with credit cards, and also launched a coordinated smear campaign to discredit cryptocurrencies.

However, banks have changed their outlook, and today they are actively experimenting with how cryptocurrencies might interact with traditional payment systems in the future. Not as alternatives to credit cards and cash, but as significant parts of the global economy.

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