WariHash (peer to peer hash exchange) Alpha Launch: 100 Free Orders for Alpha Testers!


New Member
Feb 25, 2019
Our team at Warihash is excited to announce the launch of our private alpha! Warihash is a trustless market for buying and selling hashing power for cryptocurrency mining. This market will facilitate a seamless process for buyers and sellers, allowing them to transact quickly, efficiently, and safely. We provide users with the first decentralized market for hash where all parties can ensure that their transaction is secure with payment flowing directly from buyer to miner in the cryptocurrency of choice as Warihash audits each transaction. Users can utilize unused or unprofitable mining hardware by simply setting your appropriate profit rate and allowing Warihash to find you a matching bid! We are now seeking testers who want to participate and provide feedback for our alpha launch.

Bonus for Alpha Users

Alpha users who register with Warihash will receive 100 orders at 0% fee upon launch. Further and continued use will increase the number of fee-free orders! Subscribe here to be added to our exclusive testnet list for registration and reap the benefits! Note: this alpha service currently only supports SHA256d miners, but our full-service exchange will support additional cryptocurrencies.

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