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Aug 23, 2017

Looks like we have another amazing idea in the market, p2p network that will reward users with a share of the ad spend paid by advertisers

Introducing VuePay, a peer to peer platform based on Ethereum technology where advertisers target potential customers based preference and demographic variables. They promise to give an astonishing user experience over their mobile application wherein users are notified by matching advertiser settings to the users using the platform and thus get rewarded for watching ads.
With more users getting involved in their eco-space, machine learning will be used to predict and improve the ad targeting process. So all-in-all their major concern is giving user better experience with advertisements and giving advertisers good Return on Investment giving them a significant result in contrast with other mediums.

The ecosystem introduces transparency in the ad targeting process by:
- providing transparency to advertisers who watch ads;
- giving power back to users i.e. they only receive notification when ads that meet criteria set by users are published
- paying users a share of the cost per view of ads placed on the platform.

If you want to know more about their idea, then go check out their website @

I am attaching their white paper too, in case anyone is interested to know more about their ideology and approach
@ whitepaper.pdf