### Voting Date January 29th for BUIPs 2, 4, 5, 10 & 13 ###


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Aug 22, 2015
Advance notice for membership vote on BU Improvement Processes

The technical BUIPS listed below will have all reached the end of their 14-day period for comment by 29th January 2016.

Voting on the 29th will be by marking the BUIP threads as open and inviting replies in each or this thread, OR by provision of a voting form on the BitcoinUnlimited.info website, if this facility is available before that date. To be confirmed.

The rules allow a 24-hour window for voting. However, votes can be made earlier than that date by replying in this thread, and these will be submitted to the Secretary for counting. If you make an early vote you can change your mind by deleting your post and re-posting.

Votes are yes/no or for/against.
Votes can be in the same message e.g. "yes x,y,z" or "against a,b,c"
The BUIP numbers should be mentioned.

Where there is a clear set of options i.e. for BUIP004 & BUIP013 then the option choices will be those listed in the BUIP first post.

The detail of the technical changes are up to the Developer and the author of the BUIP to hammer out.

Technical BUIP List

BUIP002: Multi-BIP Scaling Enabler

BUIP004: RBF/double spending support

BUIP005: Settings information via coinbase-txn & user-agent

BUIP010 Xtreme Thinblocks

BUIP013: Upgrade alert system so that the Bitcoin Unlimited project can send message alerts to nodes

Votes need to be signed:
A call for members' signing Bitcoin addresses or PGP public keys
Members who wish to vote please add your ^^ public key ^^ before the 29th.

Please get involved. Bitcoin Unlimited is the start of a new paradigm where the membership decides which software changes get made to the client.

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Roy Badami

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Dec 27, 2015
Votes can be in the same message e.g. "yes x,y,z" or "against a,b,c"

Could you clarify what x,y,z and a,b,c are? Are they BUIP numbers? Or options within a BUIP?