VODKA token 🍸


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Nov 17, 2021

VODKA token 🍸 reached the final of the Binance Smart Chain Gamefi Hackaton with 729 votes

link to the page with participants 👈
link to the announcement of the finalists 👈

this is already a serious argument 💪 in favor of the project
VODKA token is a decentralized project that has combined such top trends at the moment 📈 as GameFi, NFT, and DeFi and all this on the Multi-chain on Polygon / BSC networks (HECO, Solana, etc. networks will also be added)
🚀 To the moon🌒 friends give so many trends in one place ...
I will briefly tell you the mechanics of the game🎮

let's say you already have a VODKA token 🍸
You need to create your own NFT cocktail, take in the proportion of 50% VODKA token 🍸and 50% BNB, BUSD, ETH, USDT to choose from and “Shake” (mix).
NFT cocktails have 3 levels
🥇 Gold - The cost of a cocktail is $ 100
🥈 Silver - Cocktail cost $ 20
🥉 Bronze - Cocktail cost $ 5
* It is necessary to deposit in equal proportions VODKA + BNB \ BUSD \ ETH \ USDT tokens
4. There is a chance that when you create an NFT cocktail, you will receive an Extra 🏆NFT cocktail, its cost is 5 times more than usual.

And so we have an NFT cocktail, you can send it to Staking🏦
for 1 \ 3 \ 6 \ 12 months under 144 \ 108 \ 72 \ 60% per annum and receive passive income💸 while drinking cocktails🍹 on the beach in Thailand 🏖🏄

but you can try your luck🥳 and take part in the lottery with the opportunity to win 300% of the cost of a cocktail🤩

also NFT cocktail can be sold on various NFT Marketplaces

only 300,000,000 VODKA token 🍸
50% public sales and reserve
30% will be burned
10% funds (vesting 12 months)
5% development
3% advisors
2% marketing

roadmap 👆

There will be no pre sale, sales will start on PancakeSwap on November 23, 2021.