Vin! The new token that will revolutionise the fashion world


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Oct 20, 2021
What is Vin?

It is a new ambitious project that aims to wrap the world of fashion in crypto services. Being pioneers in expanding into one of the sectors that brings most benefits to the global economy, within the platform we can find multiple services and benefits that are integrated under blockchain technology.

In this sense, it is very interesting to incorporate the Vin currency in more everyday sectors and expand its audience on a large scale and facilitate the incorporation of these cryptocurrencies through bounty programs and video games, among others.

Vin will not only offer the ability to buy and sell clothing internationally with crypto payments, but will also open the doors to talents from all over the world to be known through Vin, being able to expose their designs and connecting directly with youtubers, models and influencers, through the social network format that integrates the platform and expand their brand or name like never before.

People will also be able to participate in contests and sweepstakes, but that's not all, virtual reality will also be part of the Vin ecosystem, so, in addition to adding fun, users will be able to win tokens and even make their own designs.

Another very interesting section focused on a more expert audience in cryptocurrencies will be VinVault, a trading platform with professional tools, free bots incorporated into a market place and staking and investment plans, among other functions.

It seems that Vin is going to make its mark in the world of cryptocurrencies and fashion, and it is also known that in the future it will incorporate a section of NTF's and that it has several collaborators around the world.

We will soon be able to see Vin's evolution in the market, and from what we know, it looks very promising.

Here is the website:

And this is the trading platform of Vin!