VeChain - a new enterprise blockchain

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Sep 15, 2019
It's been over ten years since Bitcoin was first released. And it has gone through several phases to reach a point where it is globally acknowledged, and talked about by pretty much everyone. There are huge upsides to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But an area where Bitcoin can't meet current and future needs are for example smart contracts technology and dApps. And this is where new blockchain projects like Ethereum comes in.

Ethereum have done a lot for the blockchain and crypto space. But they are not alone. We have seen a lot of new blockchain projects launched in the recent years. Fighting to claim their space next to, or ahead of Ethereum. One of those projects is VeChain.

VeChain is a new enterprise focused blockchain. VeChain have been quit popular amongst the crypto crowds hanging on Reddit, and Telegram. They have also made a strong name for themselves by acquiring many partnerships with well-known brands across the world. Such as BMW, Walmart, DB Schenker, BYD and many more.

VeChain have two tokens in their cryptocurrency ecosystem. The first one is VET, and the other is VTHO. By holding VET in your wallet you automatically generate VTHO. And VTHO is the token used to pay for transactions on the blockchain.

Ok, that's the intro. What do you all think about VeChain? We have written a longer review about VeChain if you want to read it.

But have anyone here invested in VET? And if so, what's your thoughts about the price? And I'm thinking more long-term.