VDS, A Value Investment with Ultra-High Static Returns

Dr. Schupak

New Member
Feb 11, 2020
Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts buy crypto through some channel to make short-term or long-term investments, seeking profits amid big gains or losses. Any intention of adding a value investment with ultra-high static returns during the process of crypto-investing? If yes, a “finance product” called VDS Super Master Node is a good choice.

Ultra-High Static Returns:

The investment cost of the super master node is to deposit 10,000 Vollar (circulating currency in the VDS ecosystem), and make sure the server configuration is up to a certain standard. Eligible super master nodes can receive new coin issuance rewards. According to the experience, the returns on the super master nodes range from 60 Vollar to 700 Vollar a month or so. Taking the 42nd block week as an example, the average return of super master node in 4 block weeks is 668 Vollar, which equals a 6% monthly return after calculation. Most financial products on the market have a month yield around 0.25% to 0.8%, so we can see the return of VDS super master node far exceeds the vast majority of investment products.

In addition to the revenue from new coin issuance, transaction fee of each block of VDS is also part of the income for super master nodes. Advertising revenue from network broadcast VAD will be fully awarded to the super master nodes. The amount to be spent on VAD is between 100 Vollar to 10,0000 Vollar per successful bid, which is a considerable benefit for super master node. It costs about 0.01 Bitcoin worth of Vollar to create a VID, the identity label in VDS ecosystem. Super master node receives a network service fee when VID is created. Super master nodes help VDS network maintain stability by contributing computing power and are indispensable part of VDS ecosystem. With the development of VDS, super master nodes will obtain ultra-high static revenue correspondingly.

Apart from the static Vollar rewards above, VDS super master nodes can also participate in the Bitcoin lottery every block week.

Eligible super master nodes have access to the lucky carnival of Bitcoin in each VDS block week. The system will randomly select 10 lucky super master nodes (known as Lucky 10 Super Master Node) and offer them fat Bitcoin rewards as well as Bitcoin distribution right. During the Spring Rain Game, the Lucky 10 Super Master Node receive BTC rewards directly and have a right to obtain new Bitcoins that enter the Resonance V-pool. Each of the lucky node wins 10% of the rewards. In fact, the weekly lottery of VDS is far more cost-effective than most lotto games in the world in terms of winning probability and bonus amount. This lucky draw adds fun and more possibilities to the static revenue of super master nodes.

The “service fee” of VDS ecological network plus the weekly lottery income make the super master node a decentralized financial product with ultra-high return, which is also its rewards of serving the decentralized anonymous network of VDS. In addition to the return, VDS super master node itself can be regarded as a potential value investment.

The 10,000 Vollar deposited in the super master node address has significant appreciation potential. VDS is a powerful free system of financial business and a global privacy social network. The dev team relies on blockchain technology to build VDS into an independent economy through sophisticated logic design, using zero-knowledge proof anonymous trading and smart contracts. As time goes on, VDS ecosystem will become more dynamic with the increase in memberships. Vollar, the token, is bound to appreciate as the value of VDS ecosystem rises. By then, the 10,000 Vollar tied to the address of super master node will become the foundation of the successful value investment for its operator.

Super master nodes serve entire ecosystem and support the decentralized network of VDS. Meanwhile, the Vollar deposit of super master nodes reduces supply, thereby increasing the market demand for Vollar. According to the formula of market price, “Price of Trading Medium=Market Cash Flow/Total Number of Transactions Available in the Market”, the price increase is inevitable.

The static return on super master node is permanent. As a real public chain project, VDS will always exist as long as the Internet keeps on. What is emphasized in the ecosystem is decentralization, fairness, freedom and “make work pay”, all laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of VDS ecology.