Vasya - New generation blockchain technology


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Jan 25, 2018
VASYA - The next generation blockchain technology.

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Vasya developed a new blockchain protocol that inherits, develops and addresses shortcomings of the former blockchain protocol generation for efficient service and creation of new financial and e-commerce ecosystems to support the decentralization governed by smart contracts which are developed on the system. VAS is the original cryptocurrency created to be integrated and used on the Vasya ecosystem as well as Smart contract decentralization applications in the Vasya ecosystem.

Technology Platform

VASYA: New Blockchain protocol generation (3.0) for financial transactions and
Blockchain is a technology that stores and transmits information by interconnected
blocks which are expanded over time, thus being called blockchain. Each block contains information on initialization time and is associated with the previous blocks. Blockchain is designed to resist data changes. The information in the blockchain cannot be changed and only be added with the consensus of all the nodes in the system. Even if part of the blockchain system collapses, other computers and nodes will continue to work to protect the information.
Vasya will provide a platform and technology solutions for specific issues such as:
• Decentralized identity management platform
• Peer-To-Peer lending market
• A more effective supply chain
• Addressing frauds and falsifications in the market
• Automatic deposit
• Providing ICO platform for e-commerce

At first, we will issue and implement VAS Token on the mass Ethereum Blockchain system as a token that conforms to the ERC-20 protocol during the time the Vasya Blockchain ecosystem is built. After that, the ECP Token's initial balance on the ERC-20 will then be converted at a 1: 1 ratio to the VAS Cryptocurrency newly issued on the Vasya Blockchain Ecosystem. At the same time, any benefits and value available from the former VAS token will be converted accordingly to the new VAS token to maximize the benefit of the participants. VAS is the original Token for this new Blockchain protocol


Many Offers for early participants, Have 6 Tiers ICO with different prices. The lending round target price is $5.

Starting: 00:00’ January 25th, 2018 - time zone UTC - 06:

TOTAL VAS SOLD------------------VAS Price / Bonus
[Tier 1] 0 – 3.9M VAS------------- 1VAS = $ 0.2 / 30%
[-[Tier 2] 3.9M - 7.9M VAS-------------1 VAS = $ 0.3 / 25%
[Tier 3]7.9M - 11.9M VAS--------- 1VAS = $ 0.5 / 20%
[Tier 4] 11.9M – 15.9M VAS--------- 1VAS = $ 0.7 / 15%
[Tier 5] 15.9M – 19.9M VAS------- 1VAS = $ 0.8 / 10%
[Tier 6] 19.9M - 25M VAS--------- 1VAS = $ 1.0 / 5%
Total VAS: 25,000,000

Token information

Token Symbol : VAS
Token standard : ERC-20 and then VASYA Blockchain
First Blockchain Platform : Ethereum and then VASYA Blockchain
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Total token for ICO: 25,000,000
Check information VAS Token on Etherscan at:
Many opportunites for Investment

VASYA Lending
offer a wide range of lending opportunities with interest rates up to 35% per month (Q1. 2018). Upon investment term completion, you can take out capital back from VAS or optionally reinvest.

VASYA Trading
Earning interest from owning VAS Coin. If you are a person who is really busy, consider this option. It will bring you onsiderable profit from hoarding VAS min 30 days.

VASYA Staking
Invester can trading VAS after Vasya open internal VAS Wallet or listing on Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase expected at the end of Q2/2018. As the VASYA ecosystem grows, and it is applied more and more in the areas of life, especially two major areas as financial and e-commerce markets, definitely the demand for VAS coin and its value will be increased. Moreover, after being listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase... VAS also has the same trading and investment value as BTC and ETH.

VASYA Mining
We all know that the operational mechanism of the Proof of Stake (PoS) prototocol itself does not cover coin reward for the digger, but the digger will receive transaction fees when the transaction is validated on the block or when smart contracts are entered into. However, in the early development phase of the VASYA ecosystem, we will apply the Coin reward for diggers until the total of 100 million tokens are allocated and this will not be increased. Hence, early participants will have many opportunities to take advantage of the new system's incentives to seek out more benefits when participating in the development of the Vasya Blockchain ecosystem.

Road Map

Thank you for your attention!