A secure and convenient service for Bitcoin vanity address creation

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May 27, 2016
We would like to present a secure and convenient service for Bitcoin vanity address creation:

What is a vanity address?
A vanity address is a Bitcoin address that starts with a specific pattern.
Example: 1VanteMe21JmABACJbp3pTSd89Ej9xmhUH

This service allows you to:

* Create bitcoin addresses containing your name or company in a completely secure way without having to trust any third party including ourselves.

* We provide a scalable solution which can provide more computing resources for bigger jobs, cutting down your waiting time (typically less than 1 day)

* Order a free vanity address up to 4 characters case (in)sensitive

* Order a paid vanity address up to 8 characters case (in)sensitive


We use split-key address generation as described in this post:

This way of working guarantees the user is the only owner of this Bitcoin address.
There are two options we provide:

* automatically generating a random keypair in your browser.

* create your own keypair on your machine, sending us only the public key.

Vanity addresses generated using this second option are 100% secure and guarantee you are the only owner of this address.
If this sounds complicated don't worry, there's an instruction video on the site.

Feedback and comments are welcome!