UTOPIA The New Secure Ecosystem And Messenger Platform..

Malik Aizaz

New Member
Sep 17, 2019
Today we are going to discuss a new secure ecosystem and messenger platform
i.e utopia. This platform has not been launched yet because
it is being tested .So, What is Utopia? Utopia is actually
a security centralized ecosystem that make use of unique
networks of peer-to-peer architecture.This does not involve
any central server , that's why network does not get affected
if any of the computer from the network gets offline.your
messages and files will not be handed over to any third party
server.On this platform , every user takes part in imparting
data of the network. But files or messages related to a user
will only be used by that particular user. your messages and
chats will remain secured because of excellent encryption.
it is obvious that this question might be arising in you mind
that "what is the purpose of utopia? or what kind of things
can be made possible from utopia?"There are manifold functions
of utopia from which some are : sending message , taking part
in group chats both public and private , sending "UMail" which
is a mail used in utopia , sending voice mail , sending files,
making financial dealings through Crypton i.e currency owned
by utopia and earn cryptons through mining without slowing down
our computers.Now we have discussed things regarding uses and
functions of utopia but why you should prefer utopia on recently
existing social media platforms and websites.Actually we are
living in phase where somehow every body is involved in spying
on us and spilling beans.It is essential for making an account
on all big current social media platforms that you should render
them your enough private information just for being connected
with your friends .But according to utopia this is completely
unfair and utterly wrong.That is the reason utopia is specially
made in such a way to secure you privacy and to keep your data
safe.it is made for such type of persons who think that their
personal information only belongs to them and nobody is allowed
to use their personal information.In order to maintain privacy
utopia has taken several measures from which some of them are :
an innovative peer to peer management which is which utterly
lacks the possibilities of failure , outstanding encryption
based on eliptical curves , internet censorship doesn't affect
it , everything is present in utopia which does not let you use
any other software , no one can have to access your messages
emails ip address your location without your consent and files
saved in computer are encrypted through AES-256 which gives your
data history and settings a high class security. Another
interesting thing in utopia is Crypton , which is cryptocurrency
owned by utopia.All financial dealings in utopia are made through
cryton. Characteristics of Crypton are: it is cryptographiclly
secure and any government or organization can not control it ,
it is secure for merchants because transactions done through
crypton are final and it can not be altered , it is a better
interface for merchants which means complete freedom for sending
money . you can send crypton from anywhere anytime , it gives
you complete possession on you money. No one in this world can
lock you you wallet , it gives you confidentiality which means
that no one can have an access to your transaction , it is cost
efficient . Transaction fee is very much low and mining : by using
utopia you can easily earn crypton without affecting your computer
performance.So , what are you waiting for.All serious developers must join utopia beta testing program, you will be rewarded for submit promo and bug reports, giving new ideas. This is really great opportunity.