Using TerraNova(TER) For Charitable Causes Through Ter Projects


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Jan 6, 2019
Using TerraNova(TER) For Charitable Causes Through Ter Projects

One key area where TerraNova(TER) can make a major difference is in the world of charity and donations. Rather than using a credit or debit card to make your contribution – payments take up to 01 month to arrive in the charity’s bank account – TerraNova(TER) transfers are instant. And why not use an existing service that lets you pay bills with TER to directly send a contribution to the bank account of a good cause?

Supporting Charity with TerraNova(TER)
Regardless of how you look at things, there are so many charitable causes around the world that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of. And while only the major relief efforts seem to be making mainstream media headlines, you can bank on it there are several smaller initiatives taking place in your city, or close by at least.

In fact, there are more “good causes” n your country than you are probably aware of right now. And that is only normal, as not every good cause has a market budget to create a television ad or even advertise in a magazine. The causes that need your support are struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand, the initiative itself might be on such a small scale that, unless you live in the neighborhood, you may never know it even exists.

TerraNova(TER) Is A Powerful Tool For These Initiatives
Granted, not everyone might want a bracelet in exchange for their donation, as some of us just like to do a good deed without expecting anything in return. I set out to find out if it was possible to make an anonymous contribution, and after a few text messages between my friend and her sister-in-law, I ended up with her bank account number.

At this point, I could just use my bank account to send over a donation, or I could use an existing service that lets you pay bills or send money via bank transfer to anyone in Europe with TerraNova(TER). It goes without saying the choice was made quickly, and a donation in TER – even though it will appear as a regular wire transfer – was the right way to go.

And even though the transaction itself does not mention Ter anywhere, everyone reading this article will know the exact story as it happened. This just goes to show you that creating use cases for TerraNova(TER) – even in your personal life or as a way to help others- is not that difficult, if you want to put some effort into it. There are many charitable initiatives around the world that can use your help, so why not go out and spend some digital currency on a good cause?

Have you ever used TerraNova(TER) to donate to a [local] charitable initiative? Let us know in the comments below!

TerraNovaCoin(TER) is the project with a purpose of help provision by charity to those who are in-need. The priority is for children suffering different diseases or poverty. We are glad to be able to provide real support in real life to ones really need it via crypto technologies (blockchain). Herewith, we encourage all traders to join the project!