Using advanced blockchains to avoid identity cloning


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Sep 26, 2020
We are constantly being watched an monitored. Hackers are getting more sophisticated, and our identities are getting stolen. We need to take action NOW. If we don't act now, the monsters we created will come after us.

Identity Theft is a major concern in the modern age. With easy access to advanced technologies, replication and impersonation of information is relatively easy.

I strongly believe that the use of Blockchain Technology is the only solution to this problem. Use of Blockchain Technology would help us know how many times information was accessed. Who accessed it and what access privileges they had. This will not only help streamline identity management but also help bring in more transparency and accountability. It will also help preserve privacy.

Businesses are now preferring Blockchain Technology mainly for this very reason. I came across researchers from Denmark who were speaking about Concordium, initially I dismissed them and was quite critical. Later after understanding I think it might not be a bad idea after all. Concordium’s innovative identity layer provides a compliance-centric balance between anonymity and accountability. They are designed to integrate with current financial and business systems that require knowledge of a user’s identity. And they provide privacy for businesses as well as individuals. So that increases accuracy with who accessed our data and why. If there was an illegal access the person can be tracked and reported to law enforcement. Since every account is linked with a real world ID there is no space for bad actors.

Through the development of unique protocol-level identity primitives, Concordium helps application developers, individuals and businesses build products that comply with local regulations, while retaining the benefits of a privacy-focused, public and permissionless blockchain.

I think this might after all be a solution to fight cloning. When we know our information is private and we can verify it I think theres no need to worry. What do you think? With more scrutiny by governemnts we need to "lawfully protect ourself" without unnecessary harassment from government too.