UkrCash - Perfect Money, Bitcoin, EXMO code to Visa USD, MasterCard USD and Visa EUR and MasterCard.


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Oct 1, 2018
Hi there!
We are an exchange service from Europe! We are support BTC, Perfect Money, Paypal, EXMO exchange directions
Our fees
From BTC to:
Perfect Money USD: 0% + payment system fee: 0.5%;
Visa/MasterCard USD: 4% + payment system fee: 1.75% +6.7 USD;
Paypal (USD): 4.5%(min2 USD);

From Perfect Money USD to:
Bitcoin (btc): 5%;
Tether USDT: 3% + payment system fee: 20 USD;
Visa/MasterCard USD: 5%(min3 USD) + payment system fee: 1.75% +6.7 USD;
Paypal (USD): 6.5%;
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