UBQ-Miner0.17.0 Alfa1


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Nov 12, 2018
UBQ-Miner0.17.0 Alfa1

Ubqminer Mainnet is the first version of Ubqminer (branched from Ethminer).

This miner will automatically switch from Ethash to Ubqhash on block 660,000 (era 22).


Hard fork unit
As discussed in the Introduction to Ubqhash blog, a rigid plug will occur during a DAG / Epoch switch, which occurs every 30,000 blocks (approximately every 30.5 days).
The next Epoch at the time of writing this question is at the stage of 630,000,
which is less than a week. It's too early for a stiff fork, because it does not give enough time for everyone to prepare and update.

Thus, Ubiq is planned to hard fork at stage 660 000. This corresponds to the extraction of the era 22.