Tx uncomfirmed after 2 days, can't cancel


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May 11, 2017
I'm using the bitcoin unlimited wallet. 2 days ago I tried to buy a card from gyft, I sent the tx with a low fee since I was pretty much out of coins - it was a $40 tx and I set the fee at about 50 cents.

Problem is, there's no cancel transaction option on the Bitcoin Unlimited client. After 2 days, since I DID put at least a little fee on it, I'd think it would have gone through. I'd like to just be able to cancel it and put a higher fee on it.

If I cant do that, will the btc I sent at least return to my wallet if the tx is eventually forgotten?

Sorry for such a noob question, I appreciate any help.
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Aug 28, 2015
Hi and welcome @chihlidog the problem does not originate from BU but from the idea that there should be a limited number of transaction on the network.

I use and support BU because I believe the limit should be a result of the networks capacity and not set by a handful of technicians.

Their are many Blockstream Core supporters who believe $100 transaction fees may results from the transaction limit and they are content that it would discorag users from making transaction they define as Spam.

There is a features added to Core to reverse transactions this is know as a double spend.

The most obvious option is to wait for the transaction to be dropped or confirmed.

Their is another options and that's to use a transaction accelerator. VIAbtc offer a service to include low paying fee transactions for real people.


This tool is usually exhausted but if you sign up to be a customer (it's free) you can accelerate 50 transactions.

One way to get the transaction ID is use blockchain.info (searches for you transaction address and you'll see it at the top of the screen.)
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