Trusted Reliable BTC and AltCoin trader (Criss.Cena23) - BTC, LTC, XRP available


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Dec 21, 2017
Hey guys, the name's Chris. I'm a BTC and Altcoin miner of 6+ years now. I've recently seen the surge in the price and popularity of BTC, Cryptocurrency, and ALT coins all around. With that being said, I started to get back into the exchange scene. I've been on LocalBitcoins for a while, and thought I'd move to a forum board to broaden my network of customers. The method of payment I've been doing as of now is Walmart2Walmart, with the reference number being handed over once you get the coin. The only fee involved in the process, is Walmart's $8-$16 transaction fee; which the buyer will be expected to cover. As of now I will do my best to offer the lowest rate on the market. If you’re looking to purchase, any of the following currency’s let me know. I also sell BTC as well, I don’t do larger volume transactions; anything over 4k-5k, you should contact a different seller or go through one of the larger exchanges. I'll leave my email, phone #, and localbitcoins profile linked below. You can alway's just send me a pm as well!

Chris Cena