Trouble accessing wallet


New Member
Mar 27, 2017
Hey everybody, could you help put my mind at ease? I am quite troubled because I set up a wallet here at within the last couple weeks and have sent and received from this address a couple times now. But every once and a while I load and it takes me to a different homepage where I can't seem to find access to login or access my wallet. Now when i tried to register from the forum it said that the email that I had used before had been blocked. But another unrelated email from outlook was "blocked" also so I signed up with a gmail one just fine to ask this question.

Basically, how do I access/login to my wallet correctly from It was right on the website before but now it's on a different one with options to apps and this forum.. do I need the app? It was always quite easy to login and access my wallet when it loaded the correct page/version of

Thanks sincerely,